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That picture is so cute.

Yeah, I can't keep plants in my house because my cats will do anything to get to them - they chew them up, dig out the dirt, etc. They'll perform acrobatic feats to get to the high spots where I started putting potted plants. I once got them some cat grass hoping they'd eat that instead. They ate it down to the soil, killed it & then proceeded to eat my basil as well.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Good Questions: How Can My Pets and Plants Coexist?
4/9/08 11:00 AM

I went to Flagler College in St Augustine, FL and lived in a dorm that was once the servant's quarters, where Henry Flagler's wife often went to practice voodoo (lady was out of her mind, literally - died in an insane asylum). Anyway, messed up things happened around there all the time, especially in our bathroom. I'd be washing my face at the sink, stand up and look in the mirror and see a flash of someone standing behind me and get that *feeling* like someone is there. Sometimes, my roommate and I would watch the bathroom doorknob turn as we both sat on our beds - no one in the bathroom.

One time I was sleeping and woke up to what I thought was my roommate coming back from a trip to her parents' - saw a girl with long curly hair and a long skirt walk into the bathroom. Thing was, my roommate wasn't home at all! I was alone.

I get definite weird/bad feelings about some places. I'm really picky about where I'll live as a result. It has to feel 'right'.

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4/7/08 06:49 PM

lol. I love the bugs. The leather chairs are what gross me out, ick.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Martin Scavenger
3/20/08 12:26 PM

Pacifica soaps are my favorite! They're beautiful and come in so many delicious scents. I usually also have Bee & Flower jasmine in my bathroom.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Best Bar Soap Packaging
3/20/08 04:46 AM

Cute! Nice color combo. Is that a cat in the window?

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Allison's Mod Dotty Bathroom Makeover
3/19/08 02:07 PM

Wow, all this animosity toward the homeless is sad.

This little alley would be very cool to stumble upon!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | The Tenderloin National Forest
3/19/08 11:02 AM

Wow, those orange tiles certainly are... random. That blue is a great choice though!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: Color for "Funky Kitchen"?
3/19/08 10:59 AM

Great ideas all around, and the bags actually look kind of cute!

Apartment Therapy New York | Green Design: Repurposed Billboards in São Paulo After Public Advertising Ban
3/19/08 10:56 AM

We are lucky to have a storage closet in our itty bitty 1940's bathroom. Everything is hidden except hand soap, three apothecary jars filled with cotton swabs, cotton balls and disposable razors and three glass bottles (teal and clear, from Ikea) filled with various liquid necessities. All of these things are on a pair of narrow glass wall shelves.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | What Do You Display vs. Hide in Your Bathroom?
3/12/08 05:05 AM

I luuuurve all the Sears parenting books. This is a great one. I totally agree about making the toilet familiar and non intimidating as early as possible.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Blogging Ask Dr. Sears: 13 Toilet-Training Tips to Know Before You Start
3/9/08 03:35 PM

For those concerned about the safety of sidecarring a crib, this site has excellent instructions that are usually followed by parents who choose this option for their baby to sleep:

The crib is hooked to the bed and precautions are taken to ensure that there are no gaps.

I think this looks great, beautiful color scheme.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Reader Tip: Ikea Gulliver as a Co-Sleeper
3/9/08 02:58 PM

I am trying so hard to convince my husband to let me remove ours. I hate hate hate it, but he absolutely INSISTS on keeping it. He also insists on a bathroom rug that takes up almost the whole floor (gag). This is a man that grew up in a house with a fully (wall to wall) carpeted bathroom, though. There is no reasoning with him.

When I try to argue about it or just 'forget' to put it back on after washing he whines that he lets me decorate pretty much the whole house and that is the one thing about which he puts his foot down.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Toilet Seat Covers
3/5/08 10:21 AM

kr, my husband has gotten used to having either a fan or space heater running in the bedroom at night, at all times. I find it kind of annoying since it wastes electricity on perfectly mild evenings when we could just have the window open. He just *has* to have that noise! I prefer the fountain though.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Can White Noise Machines Eliminate Traffic Noise?
2/29/08 09:50 AM

This brings back memories of hole-in-the-floor toilets on my post-high-school-graduation tour of Europe. Located in dirty train stations and parking garages, no less. Luckily I had lots of skirts and dresses with me on that trip, because I can't see how you could squat over one of those things in pants without making a disgusting mess or falling over

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | AT Asia: Comparing Toilets
2/29/08 09:38 AM

Wow, I'm not sure what to say about that carpet color. It's definitely hideous. In one of my first apartments I had navy blue carpet similar to that, and have nothing but bad memories of it.

As other people said, if you can get your landlord to allow you to change it, I'd do that rather than spending money on all new stuff to go along with it. It would be awfully hard to cover up or try to ignore.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Good Questions: Help With My Ugly New Carpet?
2/29/08 09:33 AM

"scared off by the icky factor"? You mean, because they're ugly?

Molly Margarita, that's what I was thinking would look best - painting the inside.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Glass Bottle Revamp
2/29/08 09:31 AM

I personally would much prefer a decorative water fountain over a white noise machine. You can get some of the tabletop models pretty cheap and there are a wide variety of designs. Wall-hanging types are great for small rooms. This site is pretty good -

The water sound is nice to fall asleep to, and it does a pretty good job blocking out background noise. (I had one in my old apartment when traffic/loud neighbors were an issue).

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Can White Noise Machines Eliminate Traffic Noise?
2/29/08 09:22 AM