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I've become a recent devotee of that vegetarian black bean espresso chili linked to in the post. Not a vegetarian, love my beef chili, and I do not miss the meat one bit, thanks in large part I think to the espresso powder.

Espresso Powder in the Kitchen: What's it Good For?
1/17/12 10:45 PM

Great post! My husband is a whisk(e)y of all sorts lover and he got me into appreciating the aroma first, and then the taste. He is partial to scotch, I love bourbon. The Mrs. Roberts Society sounds fantastic! Cheers to other lady whisky lovers.

Expert Interview: Heather Greene on Women & Whisky
Straight Up Cocktails and Spirits

10/9/11 04:20 PM

This post is so timely. I've had mine under the coffee table in front of the sofa for over a year and it has seen some red wine as well and today it met up with kitty barf for the first time. Cleaned up without a trace. I was just thinking how pleased I am with how durable it is. As far as vacuuming, I find using a soft upholstery brush is much easier than a floor attachment. It kind of combs the pet hair out and is kind to the hide. Key since I tend to vacuum at least every other day. No signs of bare spots whatsoever. :)

Cowhide Rugs: Perfect for Red Wine Enthusiasts & Klutzes
9/26/11 08:54 PM

Perfectly curated, but with loads of personality. Love it! Amazing editing for the downsizing. Thanks for sharing.

Rodellee’s Tiny Vintage Studio
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7/11/11 10:18 PM