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The floors alone are stunning. And while I am not a fan of all white walls - since they are renting, clearly they may have no choice - but I can easily see why it works so lovely for this space. That couch is a find - but would be incredibly difficult to work into most homes. Score #2. My only quibble would be that the kitchen needs some major TLC Attention.

And could life be any more homey-perfect than: Cute Pooch + Cozy Porch? [sigh/jealous]

Jess & Mikaylah's Simple and Sweet East Austin Cottage House Tour
5/26/14 10:04 PM

Yay! No paint! This is a simple fabulous redo. Bravo.

Before & After: A 1930s Accent Chair Gets a Patterned Pick-me-up
5/25/14 11:00 AM

Agree w/ACharmer above. Are you insane? CRIMINAL. If you wanted to live in a soulless white box, you should've bought a cookie cutter condo. Why would you want to gut the character and charm (that most folks would *kill* for) and do a literal whitewash? Apologies for the harness of the tone but I continually cannot believe that there are people out there that would even consider doing this. If the place is really so unpalatable to you, you honestly should've bought something more 'modern' to begin with.

To Paint or Not To Paint Our Abundance of Wood Trim? Good Questions
4/22/14 09:57 AM

Agree with all of these of course. But, above all, the 'take your time' one. Nothing looks more forced and personality-less when folks buy everything all at once. And the results look like something out of a catalog. Or hotel room. Sure it might be high-end stuff but it says nothing about the occupant. And you don't need to even spend a lot of money. Half the stuff in my apt I found on sidewalks or abandoned in my apt lobby. (I'm lucky that I have neighbors with great quirky tastes!) Most other stuff from The Salvation Army, Community Thrift and other thrift stores. With a few 'uplift' semi-pricey vintage scores. My place is a bit over the top I admit. People either love it or hate it. It doesn't hurt my feeling when they 'don't get it'. Makes me chuckle really. And oh: Stop hanging generic corporate lobby artwork. I'm so bored and sad when I constantly see this. They look like Fashion Hallmark Cards. Be more adventurous and unique. Investigate local artists if you're stuck.

Don't Worry About Others: Advice on Creating a Home That Works For You
4/19/14 07:39 PM

While the fabric is super-fun genius, have to agree I'm on Team Don't Paint. The original would was lovely and unusual. Not everything has to look off-the-factory-floor pristine. As we all age, the incremental imperfections only add character. At least in the photo, that shade of paint also makes it look almost plastic-y.

Before & After: A Cheery, Spring-Like Vintage Vanity Chair Rescue
4/19/14 05:29 PM

Agree w/Jeoffry: For a unit that should exuded tons of character, this place is oddly sterile. Ex: Did a reno gut what should be gorgeous crown molding everywhere? Or was is just never there? Overall it seems bereft of individual personality and more like it's been staged for open houses. Some actual color on those walls would do wonders. Hate to be a hater but there's so much untapped potential here. (Practially everyone in SF would kill for that amount of space to work with!)

Jennifer's Sunny San Francisco Victorian House Call
4/19/14 05:04 PM

Having recently had a pest inspection for my shoebox studio apt, I will offer the advice that the inspector gave to me: For under-bed storage, resist the urge to use wicker, wood, cardboard etc. They are more apt to attract and house insects: wood lice, bed bugs, spiders... Plastic storage bins may have less aesthetic appeal -- but they're certainly "prettier" than bed bugs. (My place came up clear btw. [phew!] )

25 DIY Projects for Small Bedrooms
4/19/14 04:57 PM

love the chartreuse.

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2/29/08 09:24 AM