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On a long road trip, what hands have always been used for is tormenting siblings. Less time learning to do that is a good thing, in my book.

Kid-Friendly Tablet Games For Roadtrips and Quiet Time Tablet App Recommendations
9/4/12 02:55 AM

'What worse lesson could we teach our kids than "something for nothing"? '

How about "only help out if you are being paid for it?" or "you have no inherent responsibilities through being part of a family, only those you take on in return for payment"? Those seem worse to me.

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Deseret News

8/24/11 12:54 PM

NASA's photographs are all copyright-free, and there's always Spoonflower... hmm...

We're Over The Moon For i3lab Floor Cushions
8/13/11 06:35 PM

We have these for the older two children and they are great. They are particularly useful to use as carry-on luggage for vacations when you need a booster seat for the journeys to and from airports but don't want to carry your regular seat with you or rely on hiring a seat of unknown provenance.

2 in 1 Booster Seat And Backpack — BoostApak
By Trunki

7/11/11 04:55 PM