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I lived in a 330 sq ft apartment for over 6 years and am now in a 484 sq ft place. I think I live in a palace. it is so spacious with lots of small closets making for great storage. this apartment is very nice.

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3/21/14 04:45 PM

I am 65 now but was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in my 50s. I sold my house, which was perfect but too expensive to keep, and moved into a retirement-age apartment complex. these are super easy to find in florida. my apartment comes with the usual grab-bars and no carpeting - thank goodness. carpeting is too difficult to vac and constantly keep clean. a little sweeping each day is doable. I have invested in new pots and pans - no more cast iron because I cant even pick them up anymore. I also bought corelle dishes because I wont use anything plastic. corelle is very hard to break and lasts forever. I bought a knife-resistant glove because I am a klutz and also bought a mandolin and slicer/chopper thing. my knives are super sharp and I just need to make sure I don't chop off any fingers. my furniture placement has been a very important issue. I use a cane when I am out and about but not inside. having the furniture placed so I can lean on or hold onto something makes mobility much easier.

having had my father live with me til he passed at 79 made my own transition much easier. I saw how everything we did to make the house safe for him helped me see how convenience is much more important than my ego. I also have the most comfortable lazy-boy recliner and a cute apple basket right next to it. it contains lots of "stuff" I might need but don't want to get up to get all the time. this has made my life much easier on those days when I don't want to move at all. I am constantly finding new and different ways to make things easier for myself. the easier my surroundings are to live in the better my life will be.

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3/17/14 08:03 PM

lovely....well laid out and not overcrowded. its a place I could be very comfortable living in. you did a great job.

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3/14/14 06:52 PM

I live in a small apartment but I live on the gulf coast of florida. therefore, I am a hurricane prepper. no, not one of the crazies. I only stock up on the things I really use, but I do stock up when I can. just as this winter has been really harsh for those living where it has snowed way too much, sometimes you just thank God you bought that extra stuff when the electricity goes off. I don't stack things so I cant get to them...that's just foolish. plan your storage so its easier for you to get to and use what you need when you need it.

the kitchen is gorgeous, by the way.

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3/14/14 06:47 PM

wow!! reminds me of a chair my gram had in her house when I was little....of course that was back in the 1960s. haha. I would absolutely love to have this chair.

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12/16/13 03:35 PM

this is perfect. I am having a small cottage built in January and have been searching everywhere for the kitchen I have envisioned. I have downloaded the picture of the kitchen to send to my contracter. it is exactly what I want.

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10/20/13 05:45 PM

my whole apartment is white, green, and different shades of pink to fuscia. it is perfect and the mint green just sets it all off. I painted an old yard sale dresser in a super light mint and it looks great. I took off the hardware and used ribbon (pink and mint) that I braided together and tied as bows. soooo girly.

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9/5/13 03:53 PM

i live on the gulf coast and have prepared for hurricanes all my life. im in a very small apartment with lots of sun on one side so I have bought several rechargeable batteries and a solar battery charger. the sun shines here almost every day so I don't have to worry about not enough sunlight. these have served me well so far.

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7/3/13 04:09 PM

i love the countertops and the use of shelves. very nice.

Amy's Opened-Up Brooklyn Kitchen
7/10/11 08:33 PM

very nice. its simple but beautiful. i love the wood and the stainless. they go well together in such a small space.

Marguerite's Chic Black & White Kitchen Remodel
7/10/11 08:31 PM

i never thought of blue for a kitchen. this dark shade is great.

Elizabeth's Bold, Under-$500 Kitchen Makeover
7/10/11 08:29 PM

very nice. i love it all.

Qimmah's Cozy Green Rental Kitchen
7/10/11 08:28 PM