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I’m all for rescue pets myself, I have two terrier mixes. Believe it or not, Great Danes do not need too much space as they were bred to sit still next to the Kings thrown and intimidate by their size.

However, storing all that food could be an issue…

Best Dogs for Apartment Living?
9/28/11 12:44 PM

Got mine at Linders $350, currently for sale for $150... looks the same, but mine is tan.

Vouch for the Henry Twin Sleeper (or Similar)?
Good Questions

9/1/11 05:06 PM

OC is not for everyone. There is generally one design "The Irvine Company", having worked for them for some time in the past, they truly have great values and know how to create an oasis within congested Southern California (different from any place that I’ve traveled). I've lived in most parts of LA, OC and IE and still find myself at home in OC. No crazies running around cursing in the middle of the night, no loud clubs beating their bass ‘til well past midnight, no 2 hour drive to get 5 miles away, no meth labs out of a vacant shed in the middle of a dry 5 acre plot of cow manure infested smelling land. Irvine is clean, quiet, safe and has plenty of open preserve space for the outdoors. Home values and rents will always stay high because of the strict hand of the “man”.

– Perfect for families maybe not so much for a single 21 year old…

My First Apartment: Marcia's Shared Space in Irvine
8/9/11 01:50 PM

There is no perfect structure, however a good rule of thumb:

I always go over the five “P”s with my residents. A HOME is different for each person.

10 Questions To Ask Before You Sign A Lease
7/25/11 07:27 PM

would this fit?

How To Utilize Small Awkward Outdoor Nook?
Good Questions

7/25/11 02:14 PM