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Prefered the wood.

How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets: Part 1
Home Hacks

1/13/14 07:27 PM

A catastrophe. Anyone who gets rid of beadwork should have their house confiscated.

Before & After: Marie Clare & Peter's Park Slope Modern The Sweeten
7/26/13 11:04 AM

There is in fact only one secret to making the very best ice coffee at home, and it is Vietnamese butter-roasted arabica se beans. Everything else is a half-measure.

Make the Best Iced Coffee At Home The Kitchn
7/25/13 01:54 PM

Black with gold trim.

Perfect Shade Suggestions for Black Lamps? Good Questions
7/16/13 04:59 PM

I don't think the Newton was "humble". I think it was audacious, foresightful, and inventive, even if it wasn't very successful.

Then & Now: A Look Back at Early Tablets, Smartphones, and Televisions
7/15/13 09:45 AM

Air BnB isn't illegal in New York per se - if you stay long enough. Since the minimum stay is 29 days, that's unlikely, but possible.

3 Things to Consider Before Renting Airbnb Guests a Room
6/5/13 11:32 AM

The law against renting your home for fewer than 29 days isn't new. It's actually a few years old - but that is besides the point. The difference between that and other laws has to do with timing and numbers. If people are transient, it is hard to hold them responsible for their actions; and a family home built for four or six shouldn't be holding 15 or 20.

If I wanted to live next door to a bar, I would have moved to a different neighbourhood. It's my right to be protected from people who think that because they have paid money for something (ie, bought or rented a property), they can do whatever they like; call it "creeping egotistical libertarianism" if that helps.

Essentially, the illegal hotel law means that when the Air BnB "owner" passes the buck to his "tenants", and tells me he can't stop them from misbehaving, I have a means to hold him, rather than them, responsible, and I appreciate that.

Are NY hotels too expensive? Yes. Is letting my neighbour run an unregulated business out of his home - with no fire inspections, etc - the solution? I believe it isn't.

Airbnb Stays are Illegal, Rules New York Judge Design News 05.21.13
5/21/13 12:49 PM

I live next door to a house in Brooklyn that is using air b&b to rent out dorm-style rooms of up to eight people at a time, so there are often as many as 12 or 14 young people paying $30 a night to stay there. They get stoned outside my house, they throw used condoms in my garden, and they make noise all night. I say the law against illegal hotels has a purpose, which is to protect people who have to work (ie, me) from their residential neighborhoods being turned into de facto business districts. If it were one guest at a time, i wouldn't mind, but there has to be a limit, and the law makes sure people can impose that limit.

Airbnb Stays are Illegal, Rules New York Judge Design News 05.21.13
5/21/13 12:02 PM

Also ugly.

A Cushy & Comfy Fatboy Stool ICFF 2013
5/19/13 09:00 AM

Almost certainly worth about what you paid for it.

Info on Artist & Value of Bubblegum Machine Print? Good Questions
4/18/13 11:43 PM

How do you extract essential oil from mint?

15 Household Uses for Mint Mother Earth Living
4/10/13 04:23 PM

I liked the way the salvaged wood looked, too. Before and after are both nice!

Claire & Jeffrey's Kitchen: New (Old) Floors Renovation Diary
3/14/13 02:12 PM

Surely "objets oranges"?

Color Craving: Objets Orange
2/8/13 04:26 PM

I like before.

Before & After: A Worn Out Wooden Floor Gets a Chalk Paint Finish VanHook & Co.
1/28/13 12:29 PM

In a way, the first one is a limitation, isn't it? A chair, after all, can be a horse or a boat or a million other things to an inventive child... but make it look like a house, and it's stuck being a house.

2 Takes on Multifunctional Kids' Chairs
1/11/13 12:03 PM

When I was growing up in Belgium these always disgusted me at the train station or at school.

Provendi Rotating Soap Fixture
1/8/13 12:28 PM

Some of these are held in place by a suction cup... irony.

Everything in Its Place: 8 Shower Caddies
10/29/12 10:25 AM

Must give this look back...

Round Bookcase at BoBo's Intriguing Objects High Point Market Fall 2012
10/13/12 02:11 PM

Summer's over, kids...

Tip: Repel House Flies with Cloves
9/24/12 09:48 AM

Can I have the old sink from the kitchen?

Before & After: Updating a Victorian Kitchen (and Bathroom)
9/15/12 05:52 PM