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Hey there....as a fellow double pug owner, I'd love your take on using fabric for a sofa...I've used leather in the past but really like the softer look of fabric, and am debating whether to go leather or fabric wise...what's your take on this?

A Pretty Retro Modern Pad With Pugs
7/10/12 02:47 AM

To Arkay:

Sage can smell a bit like pot if you're not used to the subleties...

"Smudge" Home after Breakup?
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11/27/11 12:29 AM

I think the only way it's going to work for you is whether or not you believe in the meaning behind the sage. As a Christian yet a person connected to my ancestors roots, I use sage, sweetgrass, and cedar. My form of using it is like a prayer...I think you need to follow what you're comfortable with and I love some of the ideas given above of taking back your home in much more literal way of removing things that remind you of the bad relationship. I do believe in negative energy, and smudging alone isn't going to take away that negative energy if you're not willing to follow through with what you personally need to do.

"Smudge" Home after Breakup?
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11/27/11 12:27 AM

I made a purchase that was completely custom ordered-including personal pictures that were sent to her. They were to be made into personal plaques for a Christmas gift. At the time I ordered, she had a 100% buyer rate. It never came...after starting to see some bad feedback appeared, I started emailing her over and over. No reply. I contacted other people and they said she wasn't responding to their calls or emails either. I contacted Etsy, and thankfully between me and others, they shut her shop down. Since then, I've tried to contact her at her home phone number listed on facebook, and even contacted some of her family members...two replied back and said that they would let her know that I was in touch. Paypal never returned my money (over $50). I am still trying to make contact of sorts...

Reader Survey: Have You Had a Bad Experience with an Etsy Seller?
7/31/11 04:15 AM

what about laying nice area rugs over it?

How to Spruce Up Rental's Carpet?
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7/8/11 06:04 PM

I have a really cute square container that I actually picked up from the dollar store. I take like vitamins from 10 different pill bottles, and what I love about this container, is it's big enough to hold all my vitamins but only takes a small bit of room in the cupboard! Because I so easily get confused as to what I take, I take out the pill bottles one at a time, remove the pill, swallow it and sit it on the counter. I keep doing that until I'm done and then I load them all back into the basket. Easy, convenient, and cute!

Creative and Cute Ways To Store and Organize Vitamins?
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7/8/11 01:37 AM