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try making a baking soda paste and leave it for an hour or two. I also tend to use dishwashing soap.

What's the Cause of Stovetop Discoloration and How Do I Get Rid of It? Good Questions
2/20/14 09:48 AM

This looks lovely! Although the picture of the meat there looks divine as well... any recipes for that too? YUM!

How To Make Hasselback Potatoes Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
2/4/14 09:35 AM

My husband and I met when we were living halfway across the world from each other and we managed to make it work. If he loves you and you love him 30 mins is nothing. :) Stay and save with at your parents' and if this relationship becomes fruitful, you can decide together on where or what your nest would be.

Buying vs. Waiting (At Parents' House)? Good Questions
8/26/13 02:16 PM

Like coca-cola without the coke

Fentiman's Curiosity Cola
8/22/13 10:02 AM

the mirrored lady painting. I want that

Michael & Jitka’s Artfully Combined Townhouse House Tour
7/19/13 10:51 AM

My own. It was very small 25 guests plus photographer and videographer. For the night before the wedding my family and his rented a house over looking Taal lake (lake inside a volcano inside a lake) to get to know everyone and in the morning my sisters, my mom and my mother-in-law took charge of wedding bouquets and flowers. My best friends helped me make gold and silver paper cranes then after lunch we headed for Sonya's Garden. In Sonya's garden we rented a cottage inside a privatized garden with a small fountain. The owner and the people at the place placed lanterns on the walk way to light the march. I prepared on the 2nd floor cottage and the march would start coming down the stairs then to the garden walk way. It was beautiful and the picture looked like a fairytale. the bed and breakfast place had other guests but we decided that we just want a loooong table for everyone to eat and be together. no first dance, no cake cutting, no flower thrown we just had wine and everyone toasted and shared stories about us. Everyone became extra close that night which was special for us. And Sonya the owner came out to greet us and even got a traditional filipino singer with guitar that serenaded us through the night. willing to share pictures. :) plus we only spent 1500 dollars :D

Tell Us: The Best Wedding You've Ever Been To?
6/12/13 10:20 AM

Can we be friends so i can join your dinner Party? It looks so beautiful!

A Spring Vegetarian Dinner for Six Gatherings from The Kitchn
5/15/13 02:10 PM

We almost have the same cat and we have the same book. hahaha

Merrick's MCM in Minneapolis House Tour
5/6/13 12:23 PM

If you can send me a sketch of the layout. I'd be willing to draft you a solution to your space problem. :) I used to live in a 45sqm apartment and i had a full functioning kitchen that i can roast a whole chicken in and have proper sit down dinner with 12 people. ;)

How To Design Shared Bedroom For Two Single Ladies? Good Questions
4/26/13 01:26 PM

Scoot...that was hilarious

Celebrate Grand Central Like It's 1913 Design News 01.31.13
1/31/13 10:52 AM

People in this thread should invite each other to a dinner party. Since there's a shortage of people with etiquette and manners nowadays and people reply on this thread do, might as well group up and have an awesome dinner party!

Party Planning Vent: What's So Hard About RSVPing?
11/8/12 03:11 PM

They say that if the worms can eat it it means there's less chemicals that they used on the product. That's automatic plus (well besides the worm)

An Unavoidable Surprise in Organic Corn: Worms!
7/8/11 12:43 AM