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I have a three year old and he loves tinker toys. My husband is the brains in the family behind the designs and together they have built simple levers, winches, swings, cars, cranes, pavers, tractors... you name it. The best part is that my son never gets bored.

We were also thinking of getting some simple PVC plumbing pipe for him to put together. We figure he could start building simple structures and the pieces are nice and big.

Also, SuperMagz, Geo Magz or Magna Tiles are neat and have a long shelf life in the toy bin. They stick together perfectly and can be put together in a million different ways.

And of course all the "gears construction" sets are a huge hit:

Toddler-Friendly Mechanical Toys?
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7/12/11 05:24 PM

What about half inch acoustic cork tiles? You could maybe make a sliding "door" within a frame that hangs down with rollers bars from the ceiling. Or what about that really thick glass tile for the window?

How to Create a "Door" in Noisy Loft?
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7/7/11 08:09 PM