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I'm with skyesong and Erika I, I think a dark wood top would look beautiful there, and would seriously help it look less bathroomy. You could add a fancy chair or ottoman, and then with a picture mounted over the medicine cabinet and a frame on the large mirror (or swap the large mirror out for a smaller framed mirror) the space would seriously look like it was never intended to be part of a bathroom. A little pendant or chandelier would also be really nice.

How To Make Bedroom Vanity Less Bathroom-Like?
Good Questions

11/4/11 09:51 AM

The infographic makes it sound like buying an e-reader makes you read more. It's ALSO true that if you're a person who reads a lot, you're more likely to wish you had an e-reader. Why would someone who never reads a book shell out the cash for one?

Who Reads More: E-Readers or Traditionalists?
10/14/11 10:08 AM

There's only 46 posted there, and Florida (my home state) isn't among them! :(

The Fifty and Fifty Project Is Finally Complete
7/7/11 04:19 PM