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Pretty good list!

I would add some things for travelling out of country like

- before booking travel, check your passport is valid, renew if not
- review out-of-country medical insurance, purchase it if you have none (getting sick or injured out of country can bankrupt you)
- ensure all packing meets security meets security requirements at airports (notes will be on your flight itineraries)
- empty your wallet of anything you will not need while travelling
- pack all necessities in your carry-on luggage, and then superfluous clothes, etc. in luggage to be checked (act as though your luggage will be lost and then hope that it isn't, will save angst on at least one trip, maybe more, in your life)
- e-mail your itinerary with contact information to loved ones, in case of emergency

I loved your tip about checking roaming charges!
You can add, check your bank and credit cards to see what their exchange rates will be when used out of country. If you're a shopper or going to be gone a long time you may want to weigh their rates against foreign cash or travellers cheques.

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