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I have perfectly functioning appliances but sometimes, I'm too lazy to get them out so I do things by hand instead, which takes longer and isn't as effective. In December (since I'm not a 'New Year's Resolution' maker), I started making an effort to use what I have and lo and behold! it's saving me time. Making a good salad dressing or pesto by hand is doable but using my mini food processor makes it a breeze and reminds me why I loved it initially.

Kitchen Resolution: Upgrade My Small Appliances
1/17/14 06:12 PM

Hey, that's me! I feel famous!

I can heartily recommend the Moroccan Chicken Thighs with Chickpeas and Cumin, and the Italian Mushroom and Eggplant Sauce.

@singer, I haven't tried any of the vegetarian recipes - but yeah, as the others say, borrow it from the library and see what you think.

Why I Listen to Readers of The Kitchn: You Made Me Keep This Slow Cooker Cookbook (and It's Great!)
1/17/14 06:07 PM

I'm gobsmacked that you're getting rid of 'Not your Mother's Slow Cooker Cookbook' - I use my copy all the time! Anyone who loves their slowcooker should grab it from you!

I kinda wish my hubbie would get in on the Cure but I'm not holding my breath...!

Special Project: The Kid Gets in on The Kitchn Cure Liveblogging The Kitchn Cure Fall 2013
10/8/13 04:53 PM

I must be an anomaly because I just enjoy having people over and facilitating a good evening. So if one of the guests brings dessert, or a salad, or the bread to help me, that's all good. I don't have the time or energy to make everything from scratch and nobody expects that really.

I think entertaining is more about the company and experience than whether or not you cooked everything from scratch.

When and Why Not to DIY: 3 Tips from a Recovering Dinner Party Maniac Gatherings from The Kitchn
6/29/13 04:04 AM

Thank you LeonRoi - why can't TheKitchn post both measurements up? Oh wait, because it's American.

I simply use my cups and teaspoons and my phone to convert and I don't make a huge fuss. My only frustration comes when recipes call for 'a bag of ...' or 'a package of' without any specific measurements, but TheKitchn doesn't tend to do this.

Until We Go Metric: 7 Cooking Conversions to Know By Heart
5/20/13 06:46 PM

I'm definitely the main cook in our house - when I'm not home and there aren't any leftovers, my hubby will eat bread and hummus until the cows come home. I'm still amazed that he survived living out of home before we met - but then again, he knows he's onto a good thing and I know that if push came to shove, he'd cook something.

It's a totally different story for my BIL - he's the cook in their house and my SIL would definitely order out every night if he was away.

4 Pizzas and a Burrito:
What They Eat When I'm Away

4/30/13 02:00 AM

I'm with @emillie - I have a huge backlog of recipes I've bookmarked but never tried. This year, I want to cook through my recipes binder and toss any recipes that don't work or deserve to be kept.
(This may or may not have been last year's resolution as well)

Share Your First Kitchen or Cooking Goal of 2013 with The Kitchn! Send Us Your Submissions!
1/5/13 06:08 AM

@hello123 I think that's a bit harsh! What gives you the impression that she's at all pushy? I think it's fair enough to use the space if there's nothing in the lease saying not to. There's nothing in the email to say that it was not allowed, just that the tomatoes were taken.

90% of the time it's going to be squirrels stealing veggies etc and not neighbours anyway

Help! What Do I Do About a Tomato Thief?
Good Questions

8/30/11 10:36 PM

I think that while many of us know these things, there are a lot of people who don't and they are the intended audience for this campaign. We forget sometimes that not everyone has been educated about proper handling of food. So while the rest of you may turn up your noses at this campaign, I'm sure there are people out there learning something new and perhaps avoiding someone in their family getting a food borne illness.

Clean, Separate, Cook, Chill: The USDA's New Food Safety Campaign
7/6/11 02:01 AM