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I actually had a similar situation where I had to replace my own, well-worn, recliner. It came free from my wife's best friend, and had been staying together with a few loose bolts and alot of well wishes. I wrote an article about what happened to it and how I replaced it. I won't lie, its not a fashion eye piece. I bought it because of price and comfort. If anyone is interested in this recliner as a form of man cave ideas should check it out.

Roundup: Modern Recliner Chairs
7/4/11 12:26 PM

I could swear that my great grand mother had one or two of the A's. The wicker seats were in very poor shape. It also could be that I'm just remembering them incorrectly.

I actually own a wooden version of C. I seriously doubt its worth anything though. I've been painted several times, the supports are loose, and there are several chips throughout the entire piece. Got it for free from the in-laws.

Quiz Answer: The Chair That Costs More Than a New Car!
7/4/11 12:19 PM