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ill def do on my attic office

How To Make Your Own Book Planters for Succulents
7/4/11 12:17 PM

i love these space very cool the things ppl can accomplish by refurbishing furniture and old items
it look GOT NO WORDS love it

Giovan & Chloe's Handmade Honeymoon Home
House Call

7/4/11 11:52 AM

these its great to make a cold space warm i did the something similar for my dinning area i hang window treatments forming a l shape around the wall using 2 colors forming orange and champagne stripes since my dining table its a marble boot it looks amazing
also painting bricks in a wall crate a nice statement as for your room i love everything about it great color combination

Before & After: Taking a Room from Meh to Oh Yeah!
Imperfectly Polished

7/4/11 11:47 AM

it sounds good but when i did it on my cereal bag it did not seal so thumbs down

A Useful Re-use of Plastic Bottle Caps
7/4/11 11:24 AM