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Your home inspires me so greatly. It has a great sense of warmth. I love the eclectic cultural art pieces fused with modern clean lines and traditional luxury. Thank you so much for you post.

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3/31/12 01:58 PM

I agree with the previous comment, I like Creek Bend from Behr for that room. It will really make your floor and the white framing, windows, and door pop!

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11/7/11 12:50 PM

Gorgeous and inviting!

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9/17/11 02:55 PM

Huge fan of painted ceilings, even if they are a standard height. In my l-shaped studio apartment, I have lots of eclectic color. My walls are a sandy creme, I have a soft grey accent wall (creek bend) and my ceiling is my favorite shade of green. Everything works together. The green ceiling continues throughout.

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8/20/11 09:53 AM

I have a studio and I love love love it! Take it from someone who's lived in different studios for the last 5 years, embrace the openess dear. The partitions can often make the room feel so so closed in. If you can avoid an actual partition, pls do. You're layout for the bedroom nook is fine. One suggestion, which i think you'll love is... Invest in a great sturdy headboard, it should be high and grand in the same wood or metal tone as the staples in your home... whatever entertainment center/ bookshelf (or go bold with white or black). The back of the headboard should face the living room. You can lean a table/desk or dresser against it, rest a mirror on top of the table. You can even rest your sofa against it or a pair of chairs. From the livingroom, it will look like a partition, but it will be a hint of your gorgeous bed. Then make that bed area all about relaxation with paint (don't forget about the ceiling). Or... embrace the open area by leaving the bed where it is and making the area a feature. Nice headboard or large plush euro pillows, artwork or large mirror above the bed. Desk or dressers as a footboard facing the living area. Paint that door so that it has symmetry/synergy with the cabinet to the right in color. Try to even out the height with a lamp (or even a stack of hardcover books). The possibilities are endless. Studios are the best, go nuts!!!

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8/15/11 12:00 AM