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So, AppleTV isn't completely unusable, just Netflix? Did iTunes rentals work, or other iTunes media? Did YouTube work? For someone less interested in Netflix it may be fine. For $100 it is the same price as an AirPortExpress/AirTunes, so it could be a better alternative for those looking to get their media into their living room. Did you try using it wired? Is there a reason you can't? If you are planning to watch HD video, it seems somewhat naive to do it all over wifi...

Laments of an Apple TV Owner, A Cautionary Tale
2/10/11 12:03 AM

In the before photo, the near fields are actually usable. In the after photo, they are positioned so that if you wanted to use them to mix you'd have to lower your head down to stomach level. You may as well ditch them in favor of some smaller hifi speakers that are more omnidirectional. Granted neither setup is very ideal for mixing, but in the second -- since the emphasis is on aesthetics -- they are taking up a huge amount of space without much benefit.

Before & After: Dark & Cluttered to Creative & Colorful
2/9/11 11:40 PM

The sides look better ... when stacked clean they make a nice visual pattern. The covers would look nice but they'd really need to be flush. The stacked stereo equipment, TV and mess of junk on top of the unit including a toy racer(?!) looks gaudy and dorm-room. I'd hide the receiver somehow, get ahold of a nicer and more minimal turntable and wall mount the TV.

Displaying Album Covers as Decorative Artwork Before After | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
6/14/10 10:46 PM

Why can't they just put a high resolution lenticular lens over the screen so people don't have to wear stupid glasses? Its like the 90's head-mounted gimmick technology that never came to pass all over again.

Sony Announces 3-D Blu-ray Gizmos and Movies | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
1/15/10 11:41 PM

That's great. Now if they could just figure out how to make actual real money they'd be golden!

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Facebook's Snazzy New HQ Unveiled
10/17/09 05:19 PM

Augmented reality is cool but often applied as a huge gimmick. Wouldn't it be better to simply have access to the videos to play in full screen from a site or web application, without having to use a webcam and computer vision and hold a key image in front of the screen to awkwardly watch?

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Michael Jackson's Technological Feat from the Grave Try it at Home!
9/25/09 10:13 AM

They are both pretty hideous pieces of design. At least on the new one they got rid of that horrible comic action movie from the 90s typeface. WTF Sony ID department?

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Playstation 3 Gets Slim, Receives Welcomed Price Cut
8/20/09 03:39 PM

How well do these IR blasters work inside of something like a closed, shelved and partitioned credenza? I've got a 4-shelf (2 rows, 2 columns) vintage credenza that is holding all the TV gear. 3 of the shelves have various equipment on them and I have to assume the blasters would have to be positioned somehow in front of each shelf to work, which wouldn't work much better than one of the inidividual converters stuck on each piece of equipment...

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | RF Remote: Control Your Home Theater Through Walls
8/11/09 12:09 PM

Well, cheap as in the hardware doesn't have a strikingly nice architectural form and finish as you would get with milled/powder coated aluminum. The ELFA stuff is certainly nice, and very easy to deal with, but if you A/B it to a RAKKS system the RAKKS has more of an architectural/retail display quality to it. RAKKS shelf posts are solid aluminum slabs vs. thin hollow core, etc. Also, you are not limited to fixed mounting positions along the rails, so the rails don't quite so much resemble cheaper garage/closet standards with 'dashed line' mountings on them.

Not saying ELFA is bad... just saying if you want something that looks a lot nicer, works a lot better but requires a little more budget and time, look at RAKKS. Especially if you are looking for an alternative to something much nicer like vitsoe.

And subjectively both systems have crappy veneered wood shelf offerings. RAKKS has a very nice aluminum shelf if you are into aluminum, but for wood you'd be better off with something custom if you care much...

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Roundup: Ten Best Looking Elfa Solutions
2/27/09 05:05 PM

If you are looking for something modular that is going to be highly visible, RAKKS are better aesthetically and not really all that much more expensive - You also get more interesting options for how the poles mount - some with better support if you need to hold up heavier loads.

We've used ELFA systems inside closets, and RAKKS with custom shelves (simply - ceder from a lumber yard that we cut with a circular saw) for a highly visible home office/modular shelving system. The ELFA stuff kind of has a cheap feel to it, which can be masked in photos but not so much in person...

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Roundup: Ten Best Looking Elfa Solutions
2/27/09 02:06 PM

Aesthetics are highly subjective. Why would you want to have the info you have in your pocket on the wall? Because you are fond of it that way (for the same reason many people buy Ambient Devices cubes to sit and their room and glow a color to represent weather or stock trends instead of looking at their phone or computer). Having some commonplace and daily information pushed to you on your way in and out of the door, in a very relaxed and ambient way is in many ways more relaxing than having to proactively think 'I better check my iPhone for the weather - digging it out of my pocket - sliding the bar thing - opening the weather widget - waiting for sync...'. It becomes a lot more like glancing at a window.

The size and scope and lofi aesthetics give the piece a perspective. Not everybody will appreciate it. I do -- if the lofi edge also made it pretty affordable, I'd like something like this (especially if it was very modular).

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | I-Quad: The Landing Strip of the Future
2/10/09 11:16 PM

OOPS, Sorry:
This is the working link to an article about a Japanese cardboard chassis from a while back...

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Greener Ideas: Recompute The Green Computer
2/5/09 01:44 PM

Nothing new here: friendly-132352.php

It is easy enough to 'recycle' computer cases by upgrading them. But people are fueled to purchase new form factor as much as they are more computing power or features.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Greener Ideas: Recompute The Green Computer
2/5/09 01:41 PM

Yeah! I installed some of those lovely cream-colored cabinets with teal trim accents, and filled my living room with magazines that are somehow relevant to nobody!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Minimalist Space by Hassell
2/3/09 03:55 PM

Owning ridiculous numbers of shoes is also in diametric opposition to minimalism.

But to be fair, the homeowner never claimed to be a minimalist. This was a term thrust upon him as part of a 'returning trend' by the editor. "Throwing crap away is the new hoarding".

Apartment Therapy New York | Modern Minimalist Bachelor Pad The New York Times 1.23.09
2/3/09 03:50 PM

The dining area was rationally planned by the architect to save the homeowner on insurance premiums. Guests can come over and get absolutely wasted (no significant other to stand in the way!), and the tight proximity of chair-back to wall prevents them from falling out of their chairs and harming themselves.

Apartment Therapy New York | Modern Minimalist Bachelor Pad The New York Times 1.23.09
2/3/09 03:46 PM

It is a lot easier to avoid commercials with a typical DVR than it is with Hulu or any of the other major networks online. You can pay for downloadable programming, but the cost could get pretty high depending on your viewing habits. You could pirate programming, but that takes considerable time and resources to manage...

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Would You Replace Your TV With Your Laptop?
2/3/09 03:06 PM

Do they make a 50" laptop???

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Would You Replace Your TV With Your Laptop?
2/2/09 01:24 PM

I live around the corner from that joint. Not a fan. Everything looks sort of... wonky... in a bad way. Like 90's post modern, slightly out of touch, chunky. It isn't just 'right angles' that make something sleek. The proportions of that thing are all screwy and inelegant. And most receivers and big bulky junk DVR cable boxes could use more like 20 - 21" of clearance these days. Just buy a simple, modernist eames era credenza and remove the particleboard back panel for cabling and air ventilation (provided you are going to back it up to a wall like most people do). I did this for about $600 and it easily looks as nice as (and more unique than) anything from DWR or BoConcept, etc.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | WONK NYC: The Astoria Media Cabinet
1/29/09 10:51 PM

Oops, or this, which is just a cable and cheaper:

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Drive Dock: Turn Those Internal HDs into Floppies!
1/29/09 10:29 PM