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For the best value MT Tape in Europe try raw dice, not just the basic tapes, but also some of the more eclectic patterns...

Site: www.rawdice.co.uk
Tape link: http://www.rawdice.co.uk/index.php?rewrite=category&catid=31


Colorful Japanese Masking Tape Arrives Stateside
11/6/12 04:13 AM

Thought your European readers would like to know that we now have these in stock at raw dice and whilst agree they are somewhat pricey - you can pay same for good wood block knife holders. Remember though these are solid brass and present more as art work than just practical knife holding.

Gorgeous Knife Storage: Brass Knife Keeper
7/30/12 12:04 PM

Thought you'd like to know it can be sourced now in UK too through Amazon and here http://www.rawdice.co.uk/index.php?rewrite=category&catid=7

Hang and Level
6/30/11 06:51 PM