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I love that all of the chiding for missing much of the lovely Southern US is still friendly and polite! God bless us, srsly.

United States of Design Road Trips: The South
7/18/11 11:05 PM

Hi all, Mary here! Thanks so much for 1-your support regarding my well-meaning but opinionated (to say the least) MIL, and 2-your extremely thoughtful, helpful suggestions! Seriously, there are some fantastic ideas in this comment feed.

We're thinking about taking the advice of several commenters and choosing bright but natural-looking colors that are historically appropriate. Not at all skittles-ish (I think that was a poor descriptor). And some neutral rooms and details to keep it from getting out of control.

Thanks again, fiance and I will follow up with pics of the final result in a few weeks!

Wall Color Suggestions For 1930's Bungalow?
Good Questions

6/30/11 02:08 PM