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Does anyone worry about lead paint on an old door like this? We're renovating an old house and have replaced many doors that were so far from square we wanted to redo. I keep thinking of projects for the old ones but am nervous about the lead because I have a toddler and am pregnant. Thoughts? Ideas on sealing them?

How To Repurpose Old Door?
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7/20/11 06:01 PM

I think everyone missed what actually happened here. This is an example of what I thought was a well-known scavenger technique. When you find a great item but aren't in a big enough vehicle, you take one drawer to lay claim to it. Then you come back and get the rest because nobody would take the big item missing a drawer. Nobody, except Martina. Oh well. Enjoy it.

Solution For Missing Dresser Drawer?
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6/29/11 09:46 PM