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I saw this on tv (ssbs on hgtv I think), really nice way of putting all thsis tuff behind the curtain

Finalist #3: David & Im's OneSpace
5/28/07 06:43 AM

aside from the tiger on the wall, I really love this space

#20 Cooper & Derrick's Studio
5/1/07 04:30 PM


#19 - Laure's Sparkling Space
5/1/07 04:28 PM

a little too dark (colors and wuantity of natural/artificial light)

but some very interesting ideas (like art on the shades)

#18 - George's Urban Opulence
5/1/07 04:27 PM

ahaah I stopped reading comments when someone suggested to buy a Bose Wave II to an audiophile. come on! please comment on the design, but if you have no clue about sound systems, don't make suggestions on the sound system he should use.

(personally I'd see my Linn Classik in there)


bask to the design, I like the setup, I just think he should have positionned the same elements in a different way. Especially not putting the tv and speakers in front of the balcony.

#13 Eric's "Mini Concert Hall" Apartment
5/1/07 04:25 PM

absolutely love the painting on the bedroom wall, but I don't like the living room, especially that chair on the left :S

#14 - Olya and Tim's Victorian Basement
5/1/07 04:12 PM

I really love all the hand work. impressive.

as mentionned before, some tweaking left to do, but great work. i would not put "lots" of art, maybe just something to fillt he wall behind the tv.

great work once again

# 1 - Joe's Custom-Made Loft
4/23/07 08:49 AM

very nice, AND a lot of place to putt all the stuff

#9 Kelly & Gregory’s - Lil’ Italy Conversion
4/23/07 08:46 AM

Superb, I really like the DIY part as it makes a great design afforable for the "normal" of us.

#3- Eric and Ammo's Eye-catching Abode
4/13/07 07:47 AM