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I was red shirted. It was useful in some ways, and I can absolutely see the argument for it. The big negative that I experienced was being 18 in my last year of high school, with 18 being the age you can legally purchase alcohol in my province. Suddenly I was very popular with all the wrong kinds of people and I had a lot of attention that frankly I didn't have a clue how to handle. If I wasn't already firmly established as a hopeless nerd who dressed like she hated her body, (hint: she did), I'm quite certain I would have gotten into a lot more trouble than I did.

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Back to School Considerations: Redshirting
8/24/12 04:49 PM

Grab yourself a nice cheap Ikea Lack side table and cut down in hieght until you are comfortable that is far enough away fro the heaters and low enough to climb up onto. Make or get a few pillows or recover the top into a bench (depending on how sewing ambitious you are). Add some floating shelves, or those lovely book displays that Yvette has in her adorable little book nook above, and viola. Less than a hundred bucks later you've got something that is easy to customize and will grow that little reader.

How To Make This Space Into a Book Nook?
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6/29/11 03:54 PM