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Tons of Great Ideas here.. if you really need storage.. the kind you dont want to look at!

Curtains or a sliding door/panel/mirror

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8/30/11 10:28 PM

First of all you really need a carpet.. a big one, taking up most of the living room area (leave the traffic flow areas with the tile)

No offence with your "couch" its kinda cool for an entry way but doesnt look for inviting or comphy. Go for a larger sofa

If this area is mainly being used for an office I would suggest a larger desk

I always play with the layout of furniture once I get the peices all together, and it would be handy for a place buy the door either a shelf or bench?

Hope this helps!

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8/16/11 07:23 PM

Love everything except that wall color?

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7/23/11 02:25 AM

Love the Navy with green accents! Love the window seat cushions!

But i dont think the after is done yet.. still need to do something with the couch, ceiling fan, stair rail.. etc

I am all for trying bold things!

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6/29/11 08:17 PM

I see alot of suggestions for changing the one side to a door.. how bout making it a lil modern with a glass door on one side

Great find!

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6/29/11 04:03 AM