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@NICKELPDX Not sure what you mean...canola oil has about the highest omega3:omega6 ratio of any cooking oil: http://math.ucsd.edu/~ebender/Health%20&%20Nutrition/Nutrition/oil_good.html
and I think a reasonably healthy choice of cooking oil.
Also, this is a sweet treat we're talking about; if consumed in bulk I think the sugar woudl be a bigger problem anyways.

How to Make Homemade Nutella
2/24/12 05:06 PM

I like to bring soup for my lunch at work in a wide mouth canning jar. I've never had a leak, and it is both microwave safe and nice to eat directly from it.

Smart & Stylish Food Storage Solutions
1/25/12 05:25 PM

Three ideas:
1: It would be less expensive (although possibly still too expensive) to have someone make you a false drawer front that matches the others.

2: Take out the top drawer on the other side, and finish the spaces left by the now-balanced missing drawers as shelves.

3: Replace the missing drawer and the other top side drawer with drawers that match each other but not the originals, maybe in off white or black? You could make it yourself, or have someone make it for less than a matched replacement drawer.

Solution For Missing Dresser Drawer?
Good Questions

6/28/11 06:12 PM