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Oh my goodness. The couple's cute. The dog is cute. The place is cute. You're all cute!!! Or if cute's too barfy for you....switch out with wonderful. Darling. Fantastic...

LOVE. IT. All of it.

Thanks for sharing.

Scott & Kristan's Inspiring Arts District Loft House Tour
7/14/14 04:32 PM

I have never lost any deposit for hanging art and putting holes in my walls. Ever. Maybe this is a regional thing, but if a landlord is nickeling and diming you in this the rental property.

Ideas for Hanging Artwork Without Leaving Holes in the Wall Renters Solutions
7/10/14 06:55 AM

Recently and happily divorced with a small child, I get to do most of these luxuries a lot more often than I used to. And I LOVE it!!

12 Things You Only Do at Home When Alone
6/23/14 02:56 PM

I laugh at this stuff. Seriously, how hard is it to bring your spice containers? They are small and take up little room as it is. Why make a mess transferring them? And how hard is it really to just take a travel size toothpaste? Pretty damn easy compared to this little DIY. These little DIY's are more trouble than just picking up basic necessities at your local WalMart or camping store.

The MacGyver Mindset: Outdoor Tips, Tricks & DIYs
6/23/14 02:50 PM

Let the open shelving nitpicking begin!!

Before & After: A Bright, Budget-Friendly DIY Kitchen Makeover Under $1500
6/22/14 05:51 PM

Have you checked out local art fairs and shows? At the one's I go to annually, there seem to be a lot of glass vendors. Some expensive, some very affordable. Maybe if you found an affordable artist, they could help you? Or...if you have some artistic skills, have you considered taking a glass blowing class? It could be your class project.

Ideas for Sourcing a Blue Glass Mobile? Good Questions
6/20/14 01:04 PM

You forgot the bridesmaids are wearing cowboy boots.

Spot a Mason Jar? Play Pinterest Wedding Bingo Design News
6/14/14 08:18 AM

I really don't have an issue with anything on the list. Except the fake plants. Kind of. If you really feel the need to have a fake one - it better be a good one. Not a craptastic looking one.

Five Controversial Decor Items (And Why You May Want Them)
6/6/14 10:49 AM

Window treatments? On a Mies home? For the love of all that is holy....

Glass House from 'Ferris Beuller' Sells for $1.06 Million Design News
6/2/14 04:59 PM

I have one question: Why rent a space with so many bothersome and quirky issues?

Inheriting A Houseful of Quirks
6/2/14 11:28 AM

Very cute.

Alexandra's Above-the-Garage Apartment Small Cool Contest
5/31/14 11:44 AM

Maya....Massimo...we have lost a lot of big and real talent in a moment of a day.

Massimo Vignelli Dies at 83 Design News
5/28/14 02:39 PM

I would never paint Birdseye. I have two Birdseye dressers and I cannot fathom this. And I typically don't mind painted furniture.

Before & After: A Knockout Dresser Gets Even Better
5/26/14 03:04 PM

Malinainparis - I think it's pretty safe to say that the suggestions made are for long term tenants. Most landlords don't take issue with tenants hanging as many pictures as they would like.

Rentals Doing it Right: 7 Ideas to Steal From These Real-Life Gorgeous Homes
5/22/14 11:50 AM

I want your dining room windows. Loooooove.

Allison's Silver Lake Charmer With a View House Tour
5/21/14 05:21 PM

And in regards to children. I have a four year old who at times, can be a challenge. If she is not up for it, I don't go. It's bad enough I have to deal with her, why make others deal with a crabby child simply so I can buy fresh tomatoes that week. It's just not worth it. However, I do love bringing her. Children are a wonderful part of farmer's markets and it's a great way to teach them early the value of fresh food, culture, and buying local.

10 Etiquette & Shopping Tips to Help You Enjoy the Farmers Market Expert Advice
5/19/14 12:04 PM

I love dogs. I do. But I dislike their owners sometimes. Leave the dog at home. Take him to the dog park later.

10 Etiquette & Shopping Tips to Help You Enjoy the Farmers Market Expert Advice
5/19/14 11:59 AM

Marinainparis, I have had gallery walls in numerous apartments over the years and never have I had an issue.

What I think is a god-awful suggestion are the peg walls. I think it's ugly. Ugly. Ugly. Ugly. And then to hang pots and pans and utensils? It's pretty fluttery.

Rentals Doing it Right: 7 Ideas to Steal From These Real-Life Gorgeous Homes
5/18/14 03:31 PM

Why are these "The Top Ten Best"?

Top Ten: Best Outdoor Patio Dining Sets Apartment Therapy Annual Guide 2014
5/15/14 12:42 PM

I am in agreement with Charcoal Gray, but that is the only neutral I suggest. Go with that, or a color. Navy is a nice suggestion too. You have enough red/burgandy so don't go that route, but I like the idea of adding color to your sofa. If you do go with a neutral, I'd go bold on your throw pillows that you can change out and switch as your mood changes.

Color Ideas for Reupholstering Vintage Sectional? Good Questions
5/14/14 11:11 AM