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Thank you for this post! I had no idea this concept was so wide spread. I'm guilty (but don't feel as guilty now after this post) of being the thrifty gift wrapper in the family. My entire family knows to save ribbons, boxes and tissue paper for me. I not only use them for the next gift wrap but also for various crafts. I haven't gotten to saving wrapping paper but that's because the paper I use is actually the brown paper used as stuffing in shipping packages. They're thinner than kraft paper and sometimes a lot more wrinkled but dress them up and no one knows the difference! This year I used pruned branches from my juniper blueberry delight shrub and tied them in various ways around the boxes using twine. Let's just say almost everyone hesitated to open their presents because they didn't want to destroy the wrapping. Everyone but the kids. :)

<A HREF="http://meilingsmailings.wordpress.com/2013/12/27/wrap-merry-green-christmas-again/">Here it is for your viewing pleasure</A>

Gift Wrap Guide: Ideas for Reusing Old Wrapping Paper
12/27/13 11:34 AM

This is such a great poster. It's the perfect blend of the two 'subcultures' that my boyfriend and I share. His family is from FI and I grew up taking the NYC subways. Even if it's not 100% correct (there's a ferry that runs from Bay Shore to Ocean Bay Park) it's a great way of illustrating the combined cultures.
P.S. The skip around Point o Woods as a Subway line wouldn't be practical, as Shannon points out. But, that skip around POW in real life is correct as it is a private gated community.

Transit Authority Figures: Fire Island & Hamptons Subway Maps
6/28/11 02:55 PM