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25. We were getting ready to move in to our second apartment (as a couple - we had both had many places prior to this). The apartment was brand new (first time we'd ever lived somewhere new) and we were trying to update and organize our style from our tiny one bedroom starter place. Our friend designed some pieces that were on display for an art walk. All handmade furniture. He had this side table made of cheap pressed wood that he had carved and sanded into an open spiral design with a glass top. We saw it and wanted it immediately. $400. It was the most money either one of us had ever spent on furniture. It was also the first time our friend had ever sold a piece of his work, so it's something we really treasure and it is truly unique to our home. We still haven't really figured out an ideal way to display it, but I think we're getting there.

How Old Were You? First Large Furniture Purchase?
6/28/11 11:06 AM