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I collect DVDs, CDs and books from friends for an annual fundraiser. Guests buy what they want and after the party, I donate leftover paperbacks to women's prison libraries and sell the rest of the stuff to local stores that sell used media. This event gives us the opportunity to purge every year while we fund a worthy cause.

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3/26/11 02:36 PM

I've turned my bathroom into a virtual apothecary with shelves of cream ceramic covered canisters (formerly flour/sugar/tea) brimming with powdered milk, epsom salt, baking soda, almond meal, oatmeal, cornstarch, orris root, honey, essential oils (lavender, rose absolute, eucalyptus, sandalwood), vitamin E and extracts of peppermint and vanilla. My addiction to expensive bath products is a thing of the past. My skin feels great, it's inexpensive and I love trying new combinations. My favorite is milk, rose (or lavender) oil, orris root, vitamin E and almond meal. A close 2nd is milk, vanilla and chocolate syrup. The salt is great with eucalyptus or lavender oil.

When using honey or syrup...hold in your hand and let dissolve under the warm running water. For almond meal and oatmeal...pour into a muslin satchel (or the foot of a pair of nylons) and suspend under running water. Once in the bath, you can scrub with it, still in the satchel.

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3/8/08 07:54 AM

So fresh.

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