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I agree, I miss the daily Scavenger for SF.

Awesome Vintage Architectural Desk Lamp - $75
San Francisco Scavenger

9/21/11 12:40 PM

Yes, these are last Friday's finds... anything new to share for today, ATScavenger SF?

Mid-Century Teak Desk - $250
San Francisco Scavenger

8/1/11 06:09 PM

Love the combo of the A's hat hanging on the antlers with the two cowboy hats... (Let's go Oakland!).

Lauren & Josh's SoCo Bungalow
House Tour

7/25/11 02:22 PM

Definitely some nice things to look at, though I agree with some of the previous posts, some spaces feel cluttered. The kitchen calls out "recently remodeled" and doesn't really feel lived in.. Where is their design aesthetic revealed in the kitchen? Would have liked to see some of the character of the couple there too.. the wall across from the sink just seems big and bare.

Misako & Doug's Best Upper West (Side) Apartment
House Tour

7/18/11 05:20 PM