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Pretty interesting, but consider removing the "nipple rings" - They're distracting. With all the different stains, similar handles on the top drawers would add some cohesiveness & polish.

Before & After: Battered Dresser Goes from Drab to Fab
551 East Furniture Design

11/18/11 07:18 PM

So beautiful. And easily replicated by me one day, I hope :) Again, so beautiful.

Sara's "Smoke, Citron and Cream" Room
11/16/11 08:14 PM


Sweet Revenge: Fake Maple Syrup Could Soon Be Illegal
Los Angeles Times

10/28/11 10:50 AM

Love, love, love these rooms. Classical taste really does stand the test of time.

Classically Serene: The New Traditional
10/27/11 05:20 PM

Love this article. Thanks!

Unlikely Companions? No! 8 Tips for Pairing Wine & Soup
10/27/11 03:40 PM

Good reply, Lisa. I for one cannot wait for when the pendulum swings.

How To Sell Inherited Vintage Furniture?
Good Questions

10/26/11 08:13 PM


Cottonelle's Respect the Roll: A Toilet Paper Makeover
10/11/11 05:55 PM

I second the "great question". Look forward to reading more comments. Thanks, Moniasalden & Mizinformation, for the great comments so far.

Swedish Stove Sources?
Good Questions

10/7/11 02:07 PM

This is awesome. However, I think if it were to ever get going in the States, we'd see lots of Ronald MacDonald, Elmo, et al themes on the donations. I like the simplicity of the Finnish styles.

Finland's Baby Boxes for Expectant Mothers: A Nation's Gift
10/1/11 07:29 PM

Thanks, Anna. These two articles have been my favorites so far on AT.

Despot Style: The Iconography of Power, Part 2

9/9/11 12:24 AM

I kinda like cane-backed chairs.

Nancy & Alan’s Colorful Playa Vista Condo
House Tour

8/24/11 01:00 PM

Contact solution (and other toiletries similar) are crazy expensive in Europe... and found only at the doctor's office. (At least in CZ.)

I'd recommend expat websites for Q&A & recommendations.

What You Should Know: Setting Up Home in a New Country
8/11/11 08:36 PM

Lovely. I really respect AT house tours that show depth of mind/personality as well as depth of decorating. These are people after my own heart.

Michael & Shannon's Mix of Tradition and Travel
House Tour

8/10/11 04:23 PM

I second all the mentions so far & would also add the Chora Church. That & the Haggia Sophia are awesome examples of the Byzantine.

It may be a bit difficult with summertime daylight, but try to coordinate your Bosphorus cruise to return at sunset.

Best Design Destinations in Istanbul?
Good Questions

6/24/11 06:26 PM