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Wow. I've gotta say reading some of the landlords comments really worries me. I am currently looking for a new apartment to stay in for a while. I live in LA and rent here is about as much as a mortgage on some houses. I have yet to see an apartment where there isn't something I would want to change. I have seen many places that have these landlords who are really just trying to charge as much as they can for as little as they can. I never understand how they can expect people to want to take care of the place when it is so obvious they don't care as long as they get their money. In these places I wouldn't make changes that I couldn't take with me because it would be giving the landlord money (in the form of future higher rent) When they don't care about maintaining the places. I would think that landlords would want the places to look as nice as they can to make sure when they show them people will want to rent. or so that people will stay for years. I'm new to the whole renting thing and have only had one really bad apartment for one year. so I may be completely off mark about the whole thing.

How To Make Changes In Rental Apartment?
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12/19/11 01:54 PM

we asked a friend last time and he actually hired 2 guys to help us. i would advise against this. we ended up with a lot more furniture then we had planed to take with us. but you definitely need a big truck. making only one trip makes it a lot easier. and I would go with friends if they are strong. if they aren't that strong, even if they want to be helpful, there's not a ton they can do other then watch the truck while you load and unload.

A Moving Story: Friends or Professionals?
9/9/11 11:18 AM

I didn't end up with too many hand-me-downs from my family. But when my fiance and I moved into our new place, his mom had saved a garage full of stuff for us. I would have been fine leaving most of it but he loves a lot of it. like a huge low marble topped round table. it is supposed to be a game table so it is really short but he loves it. it doesn't match my style at all but there's not a lot i can do about it. we had to buy maybe 2 pieces of furniture total when we moved but I still want to replace half at least. I just wish some of this stuff was in better taste, but it's a fight with him over every piece.

Fitting in Furniture Hand Me Downs from Your Family
6/24/11 11:34 AM