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I've had one of these in black/brown for a couple years and think its a pretty good media cabinet. I have two caveats though: 1) You can't control your electronics with the doors closed so I find I never close the doors making it look a bit less sleek than in all the pictures. 2) It sagged in the middle from the weight of my TV. I've since mounted the TV to the wall and I think the unit has recovered its original shape. Just be careful if you're planning to put a large TV on top.

Can Anyone Help Identify This Cabinet? Good Questions
3/26/12 02:20 PM

I won't ever rent in an apartment complex that allows dogs ever again. As a (well behaved) dog lover but non-dog owner I've had my fill of barking, lunging, peeing, pooping animals. I first thought having dogs around was fun and often its a pleasant surprise to meet a friendly pooch in the hallway... after a year of it though (and a fair share of not-so-fun encounters) I'd had enough. Now I have a new rule: if they allow dogs I just move on.

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8/8/11 07:13 PM

I hate to disagree with such a wonderful review but I've owned an IKEA MANSTAD sofa like the one mentioned here for almost 2 years and have hated it for 1.5 of those years. The foam padding is of poor quality and lost much of its firmness very quickly. Now when I make it into a bed there are spots that are firm (those that are tucked away) and spots that are not (those that get sat on which makes for a rather uncomfortable sleeping area.

They Actually Exist! Truly Comfortable Sleeper Sofas
6/23/11 06:44 PM