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How much did your Natura system cost? (The Natura website lacks any pricing details.) We're considering installing a water filtration system in our kitchen -- we want to get rid of Sparkletts!

Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Kitchen Tour: David and Laura's Modern Organic Remodel Miami, Florida
7/19/09 12:40 AM

Can you talk about the dust-trapping abilities a bit?

I live in Silver Lake also and my bedroom in particular is gets very dusty very quickly (even though I've had the ducts cleaned three times in the past two years, have a new mattress/bedding, no rugs, wood floors, etc.) The dust starts to cake onto my furniture within days of cleaning -- it's really annoying.

Put simply, do you think the IQAir could cure my dust issue? Thanks in advance.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Best Product: IQAir HealthPro Plus
4/8/08 02:41 PM


Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Thursday Giveaway: Sara Paloma Bottle
1/24/08 11:02 AM

Any version of Carol of the Bells.

White please!

And thanks!

Apartment Therapy - AT Gift Bag 2007: Win a Geneva Sound System
11/29/07 07:57 PM

That's not Room and Board shelving, it's the Chicago shelving system from Blu Dot.

Apartment Therapy - Scavenger: Room Board Bookshelf Wall Unit for $300
9/17/07 02:06 PM

I purchased a custom bed (sort of a mix of their two bed designs) and two shelving units from OHIO last winter. Very happy with all of the purchases. I'm looking forward to visiting the new showroom that next time I'm up in the bay area.

Apartment Therapy - OHIO Design
9/11/07 12:07 PM


For this post, it can be about what Jonathan prefers. The goal of this entry was for him to introduce his writing style to the community while talking about a green product. He did both of those things and didn't really need to talk about competition or the myriad of green paint options out there. (That could be done in later posts).

Pretty good work, I'd say. Let's keep it positive and not too hall monitor-like in here and in the other "audition" posts!


Green by Omission: YOLO Colorhouse Paint
6/15/07 10:08 PM

I don't know if this is only my problem, but I've found that the Method line of microfiber cloths doesn't grab dirt as well as some of the generic brands. Recently, I bought some more Method cloths to confirm my hunch and found that they have an almost glossy, smooth texture that would make a great blanket but seems to leave lots of dust behind. YMMV though. Anyone else having this issue too?

Microfiber cleaning cloths?
5/25/07 06:14 PM

The pendant light in that image looks like an edison bulb on electrical wire. If I'm correct, how does one go about doing that? Can you just buy electrical wire with a socket at the end from a hardware store (then just screw in the bulb)? Is there something else to it?

Thanks in advance.

Close-up: Small Space Side Table
4/28/07 05:38 PM

I visiting NYC from LA right now and saw these at the Greenmarket today. Are these available everywhere or is this some kind of magical East coast wunderplant? I've never seen anything like this in LA before but I'd like to be able to find them once I get home.

Thanks in advance to any green(er) thumbs who can help me out.

PlantTherapy: Blossoming Branches
4/28/07 05:22 PM