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Food Processor for sure. I use it at least 4 or 5 times a week. I don't even care how much space it takes up. Dips, sauces, breadcrumbs, ice cream, pie crust, grating cheese and chopping vegetables. My food processor is definitely the tool I don't think I could manage without.

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5/30/12 02:53 PM

I read the book for the first time last summer. I'll never be able to eat brie again.

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4/2/12 02:34 PM

@ CCCB12
Well, being that they are technically made for children and come with stickers that can be used to make faces, the boxes with "ears" have little flaps on them that sort of look like ears.

I have two of the Goodbyns (the small and the large) and I love them but I wouldn't recommend them for anything particularly messy.

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2/25/12 01:59 AM

To be honest I have very few recipes actually memorized. Typically I have go to recipes that I will reference every time or a basic method that I follow and then make it up as I go.

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2/9/12 01:57 AM

As someone who works part-time at a coffee shop, asking for decaf or half-caf does not make you high maintenance. (My boyfriend used to think this was the case) You may have to wait an extra minute or two but I find slowly easing yourself off the caffeine seems to work better.

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2/2/12 01:35 PM

To be honest, I had to use google to find out what Pepperidge Farm stuffing was (*shrug* Canada). And maybe someone needs to explain why it is so special, compared to other store bought stuffing, but I don't see anything at all appealing about it.

In my family it has always been my mom's classic stuffing (day-old bread, celery, onion, poultry seasoning and tons of butter). This past thanksgiving my boyfriend and I made dinner and I made cornbread stuffing for the first time. It was pretty delicious.

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11/22/11 06:30 PM

1. Homey, satisfying, simple.
2. Onions or butter
3. Talk radio, usually CBC (Canadian version of NPR)

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11/17/11 07:20 PM

I'm currently in my last year of my undergrad and have started gathering together a few things to last me for years to come. This past weekend I bought 3 lightly used cast iron skillets (small, medium and large). I have spend the past few days not using anything else and I think I'm in love.

Now if only I could afford the Le Cruset...

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11/16/11 03:23 PM

This is perfect considering the zucchini have completely taken over my vegetable garden and as a result I have many that are simple too large to do anything but bake with. :)

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8/11/11 02:06 PM