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Love the tip from DULCIBELLA! I too struggle with the competing themes of "camera ready" vs. sentimental collecting, and so continue to search for a happy medium :)

3 Ways to Self-Edit Your Space
9/4/12 05:16 PM

Remove that mess, ASAP. My guess would be your landlord does not like it either, but did not want to spend the time/money to have it removed prior to you moving in. Good luck!!

How To Revamp Old, Broken Built-Ins? Good Questions
5/16/12 09:35 AM

I see warm and cozy as well, and sooooo fun and colorful!!

Greg & Deirdre's Guest House
House Tour

2/21/12 10:37 PM

Before picture = total '90s manufactured blah...the remodel is so gorgeous, and I would totally bathe here sans curtains!

Before & After: Contemporary Bathroom Remodel
12/16/11 10:46 AM

I love the dishrack! The fact that this detail is not immediately apparent speaks volumes as to the ingenuity of the design. I grew up in a fabulously customized MCM home (sigh), I truly hope your family loves its MCM roots :)

Toby & Samy's Mid-Century Makeover
House Tour

12/13/11 04:28 PM

I am not a wood purist, I am a pure woodist, and I still like this piece. To each his own :)

Before & After: A Chest of Drawers Gets Paper Sourced
Fine Diving

12/8/11 06:55 PM

Your house is lovely, and appears to be in great shape! One major issue that pops immediately is (sorry!) the furniture itself. We live in a beautiful home built in 1932, very similar in scale to what you have, and as soon as we got rid of the overly large stuffed sofas and chairs we had no trouble finding inspiration for color scheme and accessories. I understand the budget constraints as well, maybe go with some frugal-friendly vintage pieces that are more to scale for an older home? It may now sound soooo cliche, but Craigslist is a great resource for this! Good luck!

Design Help for My 1920's House?
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11/29/11 06:27 PM

Nice!! I have the same old dresser with identical hardware from my childhood!! Alas, it is painted...

Before & After: Battered Dresser Goes from Drab to Fab
551 East Furniture Design

11/18/11 06:12 PM

Really gorgeous!!

Lindsay's "Purple, Purple, Purple" Room
11/15/11 06:38 PM

Super gorgeous!!

Fiammetta's "Suzani Reloaded" Room
11/11/11 09:09 AM

Lovely!! I was recently in Portland, and I found that while the Pacific NW may be renowned for being dreary and rainy, I experienced the breathtaking crisp sunlight, such as what can be seen in your garden and streaming through your windows.

The colors you have chosen for your interiors are delicious :)

Penelope and Nathan's Full–Hearted Eclectic
Green Tour

11/5/11 12:50 PM

Hmmm, I find your use of grey absolutely stunning, and really surprised that some viewers seemed to have missed the "pops" of color. AND that is one bitchin' pantry you've got there, way to go! :)

Amanda & Lincoln's Eclectic Modern Home
House Tour

11/5/11 02:02 AM

Like the peek of the cute kitchen in photo #4, would love to see the rest!!

Elizabeth's "Rose & Clover" Room
11/4/11 09:30 PM

Ahem, Nebraska does not "suck", thank you very much "bluepuppybites". Either come to terms with your choice to live where you live, or you can always go somewhere else. I grew up, moved away, and came back to live in Nebraska and find great thrift and antique stores in every town I have been to. Plus, "most" of the people who live here are friendly, creative, and down to earth.

Do You Have Travel Shopping Destinations?
10/18/11 11:37 PM

Your use of color is simply delicious!! I second (3rd?, 4th?) a full house tour!!

David's Big Style in a Small Space
House Call

10/2/11 08:23 PM

Awesome, this post has only strengthened my resolve to frequent our local thrift/consignment/antique shops for clothing and housewares. Refreshing.

Missoni for Target: The Aftermath Plus Product Reviews!
10/1/11 06:07 PM

Your framed photo and Polaroid walls are my fave, and love the "still life" concept of designing your home!!

Meghan's Still Life in Williamsburg
House Call

9/22/11 04:43 PM

Hi, Julie -

This headboard is great!! We are big fans of platform beds at our simple abode (we have three so far) and I recently found a very simple platform bed at that is unfinished pine. Room Doctor sells their full size platform bed on Ebay for $115 plus shipping. Our purchase arrived yesterday, and only took 5 days. Judging by the look of the headboard in your photo, the scale of the platform bed we bought would probably work really well, and my daughter and I are planning to paint it white for her room.

Good luck!

Cheap Frame for This Headboard?
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9/21/11 11:54 AM

I do not know anyone who has ever bothered to freeze their jeans/raw denim, nor have I, but I am pretty sure I will not be leaving AT over it :-)

How to Freeze Your Jeans & "Clean" Them
Apartment Therapy Videos

9/18/11 03:01 PM

Your apartment is bright, clean and fresh, and if it inspires you and you are happy, bravo!! I am seeing your Swedish simplicity, and I likey!

Ida's Uncompromisingly Personal Parisian Apartment
House Call

9/15/11 03:36 PM