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Aarrgh.... Please bring back the old format.

Please hire people with some knowledge about antiques. That "giant cabinet" is a Japanese tansu. Typically tansus are not particularly heavy, certainly not "hernia" inducing, because they are constructed out of thin pieces of wood, and often out of soft woods.

The Daily Scavenger: Western Edition

10/29/11 02:38 AM

I agree with macgee. This is my third post on this topic - please bring back the old format and give me more than three picks a day from my region.

And please mix it up - way too much mid-century modern, way too many wasted picks of items that are very common and easy to find. I want to see the wild, wonderful, wonky, unique stuff.

Please tell us why Apartment Therapy changed the Scavenger column to this format. WHY? Why not give your readers what they are asking for, ie, the old Scavenger format.

The Daily Scavenger: Western Edition

10/29/11 02:23 AM

Re: the table lamp noted in the last post: it's not for sale in any sense that would be useful to me in San Francisco - it's for sale at an estate sale in LA. This is a classic example of why the "western edition" is pointless - I have no interest in estate sales in LA; I'm not about to drive to LA to try to score a piece at an estate sale. I loved the old Scavenger because it highlighted pieces for sale in my geographic area which I could go see and buy if I were so inclined. Please drop the "western edition" and go back to the regional editions.

The Daily Scavenger: Western Edition
10/15/11 12:43 AM

I don't understand "the western addition." I'm in SF, so realistically, the only items I would buy would be in the SF Bay Area. You used to list 10 or 12 a day. Now with the "western adddition," you list 3 a day. How is this an improvement for your readers? I'd much rather have the SF edition with 10-12 items from the Bay Area. Please.

And yes please on keeping a mix of items. I also think that the Scavenger tilts way too heavily toward mcm.

The Daily Scavenger: Western Edition
10/12/11 11:09 PM

Great article. This would make a great series.

My additions to your list: Hitchcock had great sets, but my favorite is Rope - that penthouse living room is 60+ years old, but timeless in a European way, and I would happily move into it today.

In a different vein, Some Came Running has a great kitchen/dining/living room, which is also timeless, in an American way. It was filmed in a real house and received a ton of fan mail, according to Turner Classic Movies. I could happily live there, too.

Cinema Style: 20 Unforgettable American Movie Interiors
8/3/11 11:56 PM

Great tips.

My tip: use your senses.

If you are buying a bureau or armoire, smell the drawers or interior. I once bought a great old bureau only to discover that it had belonged to a smoker and all of the drawers reeked of smoke. I could not get rid of the smell, so I donated it back to the thrift store.

If you are buying glassware or china, rub your fingertip over the edges - sometimes you will find small chips with your fingertips that you did not see with your eyes.

Use your fingers to lightly tap items - the sound often will tell you what material it is made from. Bronze and brass have a deep ring to them, while pot metal has a tinny sound. Perfect pottery or glass should have a bell-like ring to it, while cracked pottery or glass makes a dull thud.

Happy hunting.

Strategies & Tips for Successful Thrift Store Shopping
7/12/11 10:25 PM

Beautiful house. I really like it. The article talks quite a bit about their favorite item - the wheat sheaf coffee table, but there is no picture of it (just a picture of a sliver of it). Could you please post a picture of the table? Many thanks.

Andrew & John's Vintage Berwyn Bungalow
House Tour

6/20/11 10:02 PM