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We have a similar situation, though our hall is a little wider (we're able to fit some shallow furniture in ours). Anyway, we have a runner and refer to the area as "The Gallery" like all those penthouse floor plans do. We hang our artwork there (as several other commenters have suggested).

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: How Can I Liven Up My Hallway?
3/26/08 09:56 AM

I'd be upset that he did something so major without consulting me. Maybe I'd frame my response by saying that I wanted it to be a fun adventure that we could do together. Then I'd ask if we could paint over it and start over with a design for *both* of us. And find some stencils or something or any of the wall art options featured on AT. ANYTHING other than what is currently there.

She reacted way better than I would have. There just aren't words to describe how horrendous that thing is.

Apartment Therapy - Good Question: How to Live With Bad Decor
8/15/07 12:04 PM

My boyfriend and I are on the CouchSurfing site. He's done it a few times with success. We're willing to host people, but we're pretty strict about who we let into our home. There are profiles and verification systems and a sort of "vouching" system. Basically members can comment on other members that they've met, sort of like ebay's feedback system.

I don't think I would do it alone as a woman, but it was a good option for my boyfriend. We haven't surfed as a couple and at this point I can't say if we would or not. A few months ago we were traveling to NY for the weekend and all of the hotels were insanely expensive. At that point, for example, couch surfing looked like a really good option. :)

Couch Surfing?
8/10/07 10:11 AM

I noticed that a week or two ago but didn't realize the strategic direction behind it. To me, this makes absolutely no sense. Presumably there's a significantly lower overhead to operate the ecommerce site and they'd be better off closing a few more stores and putting a greater emphasis on driving folks to the site. Interestingly, over the past three fiscal years, their in-store sales keep dropping while direct-to-consumer (web/catalog) sales are increasing. I wonder what sort of research was conducted - this just seems like a really bad decision.

Personally, I hate going into their stores because it's such a mish-mash and overwhelms me (not to mention it's inconvenient), but I like shopping online.

Pier 1 Imports closing online store...
8/2/07 11:06 AM

I was in the container store yesterday and they have magazine-file looking boxes specifically for records! I was thrilled since records are an issue for me too.


As long as you adjust the height on a bookshelf to accommodate the boxes, you're fine.

Good Questions: Record Storage?
6/1/07 10:57 AM

I'm not sure how best to explain this, but my friend has a breakfast bar with cabinets on the other (sink-facing) side. The cabinets allow for a lot of storage and the top area is quite large, plenty of room for food prep and two eating side-by-side on swivel stools. It can go where that current table thing is. This does the same thing (available in black too): http://www.crateandbarrel.com/family.aspx?c=1206&f=10180 and you can even eat at it.

Good Questions: Open kitchen in search of of functional makeover
5/24/07 12:08 PM

I've been ripping out pages in mine to cut down on the clutter. Now I've started scanning them in and assigning folders or keywords to help find them quickly. It's not a fast project, but MUCH more rewarding than having all that paper around.

There's a few mac-based magazine organization packages out there and I was able to only find one for windows, scanalog.

I'm finding that a lot of the articles I saved at one point aren't relevant anymore. You probably don't need to save as much as you think. Or just toss and don't look back. If you really need to find the information again, most of it is available on the internet in some fashion these days.

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5/18/07 07:59 AM

Not exactly what you're looking for, but I have Ikea's Noresund frame (a la fifi's comment). There's no direct storage underneath, but it's higher than a normal bed and I can fit a ton of stuff underneath. To give you an idea of the height, I can fit copy paper boxes down there with no problem. There is a mid-beam bar that might get in the way, but I've never had any problems.


Otherwise the Mandal bed is probably a good cost-effective option.

Good Questions: Cool, Affordable Alternatives with Underbed Storage?
5/15/07 07:40 AM

Oh my gosh! I have this dream quite often! Usually it's a massive bathroom or huge closet or even an entire living room that my roommates and I "forgot" about. And then I discover it and am all, "Man, I have all this space, why aren't I using it??" Sometimes the space belongs to my roommates and I get really upset that I don't get more space like they do. I'm always very disappointed when I wake up, even though I live in a ok sized place for my city.

Good Questions: Does Anyone Have This Dream?
4/13/07 07:07 AM