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I agree with Anniewhocanfly (and I'm also pretty sure I know who she is personally)! :-)

The Daily Scavenger: Southern Edition

1/9/12 02:44 PM

I love to wrap with brown craft/packing paper, but have found that regular tape doesn't hold it well. It gradually comes unstuck, so you're forced to use ridiculous amounts to hold it together (I think it's ridiculous, anyway, but I'm a tape minimalist). Any recommendations on types of tape that work well with craft paper?

A Dozen Gift Wrapping Ideas You Can Do With the Kids
12/12/11 11:58 AM

Love this! Here are a few more ideas:

Put coins in a bank (or just cut a slot in the top of an oatmeal canister). Make funny sounds when they hit the bottom, like "boink"! Pour them on the floor when you run out, and start over.

Scoop and pour dry beans between different bowls.

Scoop and pour water between different bowls.

Pretend to cook using dry beans in a bowl with a spoon.

Help mama or daddy really cook/prepare food.

Make pinecone bird feeders.

Make jewelry out of big beads and string or pipe cleaners.

Put a blanket over both of you and pretend a ghost has gotten you. Scream and laugh and throw the blanket off to escape.

Splash in puddles.

101 Things To Do With Your Toddler
Counting On Me

6/18/11 03:51 PM