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I'd probably choose a different color or wallpaper to put in the back wall behind the actual shelves. Storing cups, plates, glasses and also some canned food, books, magazines... and whatever is related to kitchen would be nice.
All you need is a bit o planning and displaying the items in a way they look attractive.

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9/25/12 11:27 PM

I'd find a sturdy shelf that fits perfectly in the space behind the door and mount it in a height that is enough to put a tall boot under it. If you can't just drill holes, you can rest the shelf on two or three piles of bricks.
I'd hang 3 or 4 mesh/wire baskets on that little wall by the door frame (behind the door) to hold gloves and scarves. You don't even need to drill holes, you can always use industrial strength velcro for that.
As for the coats, I'd just put a hanger on the wall. If you can't drill into the wall, I'd find a tension pole to place it horizontally (close to the wall) and hang some "S" hooks to hold coats.
A nice little colorful mini blind (found even at Wal-Mart) can be placed on the door window (using industrial strength velcro) to add some privacy. On the little window across from where you'll place your stuff, I'd put one of those films with frosted effect for privacy without compromising the light.
Right under the window I'd take one of those Ikea wooden magazine holders, paint it in white and place it horizontally (with the opening towards the stairs) right in the little corner where the walls of the window and the door meet. It would work as a small catch-all table.
I'd put the outlet to a good use by hooking up a nice little lamp, securing the wire by the wall frame and placing it on top of the catch all table.

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10/26/11 04:26 PM

As many have mentioned, I'd also remove all of the doors. I would, though, put some different colors of contact paper on the inner part of the upper cabinets to add a splash of color (baring in mind that most of my stuff is white). In the bottom, as many suggested, I'd go with the curtains.
The drawers might be a challenge. I guess I'd try removing the hardware, wrapping the front panel with non-adhesive contact paper or fabric (fixating it in the inside of the drawer, where I can use hot glue, adhesive or even a staple gun without too many issues) and then putting the hardware back in.

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10/26/11 03:35 PM

Hi, there! My closet is also quite small - it's under the stairs to the second floor - and I'm still working on solutions for it.
Your closet has a nice shape, it's only the width that makes it look really tight. Here's what I'd do:
- where you currently have the shelves, I'd put one of those closet systems. Rubbermaid has very good ones, in white finish, that are pretty sturdy and can hold a lot. Shelves only on the top of the closet system (if any).
- where you currently hang your clothes, I'd try to do something like this, to reduce the area the clothes take from your walkway:

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6/17/11 10:51 PM