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If you lean Democratic, try Obama's chili (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/03/04/obamas-chili-recipe_n_89826.html) and beg a home brewer pal to make you some White House Beer (http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2012/09/01/ale-chief-white-house-beer-recipe).

If you prefer Romney, IDK, Subway?

What Are Some Fun Appetizer Ideas for an Election Party? Good Questions
11/2/12 08:30 PM

I feel ahead of the curve after reading this. I've been eating peanut butter and bacon sandwiches on toast since I was a child. (These days I use soy bacon, but it's still delicious.)

Saveur's Best 2-Ingredient Sandwiches
9/17/12 03:07 PM

I have two cats and a dog. They go where they like and I don't bother trying to stop them. (We've taught them that if I'm actively cooking, they can't get on the counters, though the dog is constantly underfoot looking for scraps. It's easy to reinforce this; anytime the cat jumps up, immediately stop and put her on the ground outside the kitchen. They really do stop trying after a while if you are consistent. And dogs can usually be distracted for a few minutes with a treat or a favorite toy.) The counters & stove get wiped down with antibacterial cleaner before we cook anything, and we never leave food out or uncovered. It's probably good practice, anyway, even if you don't have pets. You never know what that stray fly might be carrying or if the ceiling fan is kicking up dust again.

How to Keep Cats off Kitchen Surfaces
9/14/12 09:42 PM

I don't have kids, but I do have a picky vegetarian boyfriend who sometimes eats like a kid. I'd like to see recipes for family dinners - adult enough to not be classified as kid food, but kid friendly (either as-is or with slight tweaking).

What Kind of Kids' Food Content Would You Like to See on The Kitchn?
9/8/12 11:06 PM

My boyfriend's family has a habit of leaving cooked food out for super long periods of time - even for two days, and still eating it. Leftover pizza never sees the inside of the fridge at his mom's house and it still gets microwaved days later. Pies at Thanksgiving sit uncovered on plates overnight, the turkey and ham are out from 9:00 am or whenever they've finished (usually early, or she has them cooked by a restaurant in advance) until well past midnight, huge bowls of queso sit on the counter all day long, etc. Being a vegetarian helps some, since I'm avoiding most of the dangerous foods, but I still won't touch that pizza and my boyfriend has learned that any leftovers go straight into the fridge when we're at home. (Oddly enough, none of them ever seem to get food poisoning, though I wonder if they'd recognize the symptoms anyway.)

Oh, and his mom gave me a recipe for jelly that he loved as a kid so I could make it. When I was looking up information about water bath canning (it was my first project), she said to just close the jars and they'll seal on their own. That scared the hell out of me, let me tell you!

Unsafe Food Handling: Do You Say Anything to Your Host?
8/16/12 09:56 PM

Pennsylvania Dutch apple butter. There is nothing else that compares.

What's Your Favorite Regional Condiment?
8/14/12 10:04 PM

I'm not sure what to suggest for food, but please make sure to be super, super careful about handling any food a cancer patient will be eating. I'm certain you already realize this but you'd be surprised how many people brought my mom food when she went through chemo, left it sitting out at room temperature when it should've been in the fridge, and then expected her to still eat it. Chemo kills any ability to fight back against a bug, so make sure everything is kept as bacteria-free as possible (i.e., scrub your kitchen down first, keep the kids/pets away, and don't let anything get warm if it shouldn't be).

Best of luck to your friend!

What Are Some Good Freezer Foods for a Chemo Patient? Good Questions
8/14/12 09:05 PM

If you live near an IKEA, you might get the best deals on plates, linens, and flatware there. Some examples:

ÖPPEN clear glass plates and bowls, 0.99 each

LUGN beige plates and bowls, 0.79 each

FÄRGRIK mugs for coffee or soup, 0.99 each

BONUS 16-piece flatware set (4 each of fork, knife, spoon, teaspoon), 3.29 per set

REKO clear glasses, 1.49 per 6-pack

SVALKA red wine glasses and champagne flutes, 4.99 per 6-pack

POKAL clear glasses, 2.99 per 6-pack

MÄRIT place mats in black, white, or beige, 1.49 each

MÄRIT table runner, 7.99 each

And lots of cute colored paper napkins for cheap:

Plus, there's always Amazon for the ever-present porcelain spoons:

All of this still adds up, but it's cheaper than some of the rental prices quoted and for some things, even cheaper than the dollar store. Plus, it's IKEA; you don't really have to worry about whether or not they'll have 150 of the same plate or not, you know?

For food, unless you want to go with pasta or chili for a crowd, I would probably go with an appetizer/side dish buffett. Ideas: bruschetta, caprese skewers, meatballs (or vegan meatballs), hummus and pita chips, salsa and chips, samosas, cheese-stuffed jalapenos, potstickers or eggrolls, spinach tarts, baked mac and cheese, carmelized onion tarts, a cheese board, crudites, table grapes, mini quiche, a variety of salads, roasted potatoes, chicken satays, spiced nuts, etc. Most of these can be served at room temperature or cold, or just need a quick reheating before you put them on the table. For dessert, cupcakes, some pretty pies (especially galettes), fresh or chocolate-dipped berries, or elegant cookies.

Alternatively, you could take the route my brother did a decade ago and have a soup, salad, and bread dinner. They put out huge tureens of three kinds of soup, garden and caesar salads, and warm bread. One or two people whined about the lack of meat but I thought it was easily the best wedding food ever, and it would be super appropriate for a family-style winter meal.

And to save money on drinks, ask guests to bring a bottle of their favorite inexpensive wine or champagne to share (easier on them than doing a potluck). Then just put out pitchers of ice water with citrus slices and you're good.

How Do I Serve a Meal to 150 Wedding Guests for Less Than $2000? Good Questions
8/8/12 10:47 PM

Adding my vote for Corelle. I threw out three entire sets of chipped, scratched, and broken stoneware before I gave in and bought a couple of sets of plain white Corelle. It's been a lifesaver. Never breaks, never chips, never scratches, it's super lightweight and stacks well in small cabinets. I picked up a Rubbermaid pantry shelf from Walmart and now with service for eight, I can fit all of my bowls, plates, salad plates, and serving bowls into the space that was previously taken up by bowls alone. Many of their patterns are cute, but I would probably stick with white and accent with other pieces (pretty serving bowls, colorful linen napkins, cute coffee mugs, etc). White never goes out of fashion.

Looking for Cute & Durable Dishes for My Wedding Registry Product & Shopping Questions
8/2/12 07:23 PM

Pasta is usually a safe bet and almost everyone likes it. Make a fresh sauce and make sure your pasta of choice doesn't contain eggs. A nice salad, good crusty bread, wine, a variety of sorbet flavors for dessert and you're done. And nobody will be running for fast food afterwards.

Tacos are also a really good suggestion; I know people hate on fake meat a lot, but I reguarly make tacos using Morningstar Farms' fake beef crumbles and a packet of Old El Paso and my teenage SIL (who routinely complains if she has to eat something vegetarian) actually prefers it to real meat. Most people can't tell the difference between that and something from Taco Bell once you season it. Something to consider if you are looking for a crowd pleaser that everyone can share. (Of course, if your vegans are of the variety that believe even pretend meat is evil, stick with pasta.)

Can You Suggest Vegan-Friendly Recipes for a Vacation Dinner for a Crowd? Good Questions
8/1/12 12:19 AM

I'm with the pro-fake meat crowd. It makes going out easier when I can order a veggie burger instead of always being stuck with a salad (most of which have meat on them anyway, and you have to request that it be removed & hope the kitchen doesn't screw it up), and family members who eat meat are more likely to try vegetarian dishes I make if they look like familiar dishes; for example, enchiladas with soy "chicken" are more likely to be devoured at my MIL's house than a dish of roasted veggies.

Also, consider that people who choose not to eat meat might have a difficult time following certain diets without meat substitutes. Boca and Morningstar Farms make it a whole lot easier to lose weight or cut cholesterol than having only eggs, cheese and nuts as protein sources, especially for those amongst us who still don't like tofu.

Twitter Co-Founders Betting Big on Beyond Meat, a New Vegan Meat Substitute Food News
6/16/12 01:31 PM

Homemade paneer is easy and really impressive. Just make it a day or two in advance. Also, if you do anything involving peppers, make sure to wear gloves while handling them.

Help Me Plan a Full-Course Indian Dinner for My Girlfriend Dinner Party Questions
6/16/12 01:18 PM

Alton Brown has a recipe that comes out perfectly every time. If your family/friends aren't into cooking, they will be amazed at your skill after trying these.

What Is the Best Easy Recipe for Making Crêpes at Home?Recipe Questions
6/16/12 01:00 PM

I hate raisins. Dried cranberries FTW.

On Trail Mix and GORP: Are You a Purist?
5/31/12 06:57 PM

My immersion blender, rice cooker, and Kitchenaid stand mixer get more use than anything else I own. The blender just lives on the counter plugged in (with the blade and cup in the cabinet with the glasses to keep it clean) since we use it every other day or so.

As far as cookware goes, though, it's hard to beat a double boiler with a steamer insert: it's small enough to use as a sauce pot, big enough for pasta for two, wonderful for tempering chocolate and perfect for steaming veggies. I have a 3-quart Tramontina that I bought for $32 at Walmart and it's the most useful pan I own besides a skillet.

What Multi-Tasking Tool or Gadget Is Essential In Your Small Kitchen? Reader Intelligence Request
5/31/12 03:06 PM

Immersion blender. I have a blender, immersion blender, and food processor, and the immersion blender by far gets the most use. It takes a little more effort to use, yes, but it's so much easier to clean and store. Plus, if part of the smoothie isn't fully blended, you just aim for that part, instead of removing the lid, stirring, digging under the blades, and restarting like you would have to with a blender or food processor.

Should I Buy a Food Processor or an Immersion Blender?Product & Shopping Questions
5/24/12 05:49 PM

I'd go with peanut butter and chocolate, chocolate and raspberry, and plain raspberry sorbet to give everyone options (peanut-free, chocolate free, and vegan are all covered by those three flavors). Dress it up a bit by serving it in fancy bowls or by sprinkling it with some pretty toppings: fresh raspberries for the chocolate-raspberry and the sorbet, hot fudge or tiny chocolate & peanut butter chips for the peanut butter-chocolate, and maybe homemade whipped cream on the side?

Ice Cream Ideas for a Summer Wedding? Recipe Questions
5/21/12 07:05 PM

What about egg drop soup? If you make it at home, pour scrambled eggs into boiling chicken broth super slow while whisking very quickly, and the egg bits should be super super tiny. I might check with the experts if the eggs are acceptable at all, though.

What Are Some Good Ideas for a Liquid Food Diet?Health Questions
5/8/12 07:37 PM

My mom used to bake this way. I'm not sure why I've never tried it.

An Old-Timey Measuring Tip for Cooks: The Water Displacement Method
5/3/12 08:52 PM

Kid-friendly vegetarian meals and snacks!

Give Us Your Recipe & Tutorial Requests! Reader Request Week Is Coming
5/1/12 11:02 PM