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She pretty much stated that it is "unlike traditional quilting". Enough said.

Its cool, and great to have the power of women friends, regardless of that they do when they are together!

Peek Inside the Party: A Quilter's Circle Weekly Dinner in Los Angeles
12/1/12 05:46 PM

Love the Yellow!

Be-foyer and After: An Entryway Makeover
11/17/12 01:29 AM

I like the before. With those exposed joists, you could install some cool indoor swings or some gym rings for play. The dropped ceiling is hideous, and it looks unfriendly.

Before & After: Unfinished Basement Into \"Organized Chaos\" Play Space
11/13/12 05:34 PM

WOW! Gorgeous! I'm in love!
(the house is cool too)

Rocky Mountain High: The Home Office of Photographer David Lauer Lifework
11/8/12 06:47 PM

Er.... Just exactly what is with the mason jar with sticks? Just asking...

The Keys to a Perfectly Styled Desk
10/31/12 02:00 PM

Beautiful house! I love everything about this tour, especially the way it is presented in the tour. Large shots that show the layout/design well. Not a bunch of close ups of "stuff".
Good Job AT!

I really love the shelves between the cabinets. I wonder where to get shelf brackets such as those? I have never seen such hardware before.

Marie & Ben's Scandinavian Chic Shoe Factory Apartment House Tour
10/31/12 08:38 AM

nice job!

Before & After: Restoring a Sad Side Table Junky Vagabond
10/17/12 08:38 AM

There is really only one true difference between these 3 options when it comes to kitchen cabinets.


Kitchen Cabinet Styles: The Differences Between Stock, Semi-Custom, and Custom
10/16/12 06:06 PM

Gorgeous home! Love the sofa w/ the covered cushions....and the beautiful greyhound!

Chris and Rebecca's Contemporary Colonial House Tour
10/10/12 12:47 PM

k.k. made for a good chuckle.....

Something Safe but Stylish for Childproofing? Good Questions
10/8/12 05:28 PM

How about that gorgeous plant in the white pot? beautiful

430 Square Feet of Swedish Modern Bliss One Kind Desgin
10/8/12 03:32 PM

Where is the library ladder that goes with the shelving?!!!

Wonderful Wood + White in the Kitchen Roommarks
9/21/12 10:07 PM

I would wait until his lease is coming to an end. 6 months is a long time and since your lease will be 1/2 way through at this time, your landlord my be more inclined to let him on the lease then if you are still brand new tenant.

Should I Ask My Landlord If My Boyfriend Can Move In? Good Questions
9/17/12 08:31 AM

hmmm. A slice of 5280 heaven!

Samuel's I <3 Denver Loft House Tour
9/14/12 12:14 AM

Do not paint the veneer! it will be a ton of work and the end result will be less than stellar. Do however; get a price quote for new doors that would match whatever new cabinets you install for the island. I would not go box store for this. Check with a local cabinet company. You will be surprised how the price will compare and they will do all the measuring and provide you with the accurate match. Also, you can check the hinge and sometimes the brand is marked on the hinge.

Non-Matching Kitchen Cabinets:
Brilliant or Tragic? Good Questions

9/11/12 07:30 PM

This a great post. I also enjoyed the post a while back featuring the office at Poke. It was stylish and if I wasn't a naysayer I would visit it!

These planters turned out great! Good Job!!!

How To Make Your Own Book Planters for Succulents
9/11/12 04:47 PM

I have not read through all the comments so forgive me if this is repetitive.

1) replace the art. or at lease group it close together above the couch in a circular pattern.
2) paint the walls a really deep beige (you dont want too much color in the walls, you have so much in the textiles
3) get a very thick shag rug in a deeper blue/ rust/ or a deep pewter color
4) separate the bookcases, they do not look good paired together (do not paint them as the wood tones go very well with the coffee table)
5) fill up the glass case with knick knacks that have a natural wood/metal/rustic look. these will go very well with the earthy color tones of the room

New, Fearless Colors to Complement a Blue Couch? Good Questions
9/10/12 10:22 PM

The last photo is the best!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeannette's Journey Through Time & Place House Tour
7/30/12 11:48 PM

Looks like a photo shoot from a 1970's Sunset magazine.

Nathan & Heather's Cozy Vintage
Ballard Home House Tour

7/30/12 12:07 PM


A Trio of Vintage Pendants in the Kitchen Roommarks
7/27/12 10:00 PM