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Hello. Its Trent Hultgren. Hope you are having a great friday! You can see more of my designs at
The conch shell- just drill a whole in the back and hang it with a nail.
Pillows: I always have done it - I think it adds style, personal preferance.
"Wheres all the stuff": Its all there in baskets or in cabinets..I have to have clean space.
Living in my place: yup, this is really how it looks all the time. The desk is great (you could put a glass top if you wanted), the hammock swings as far as you want it:), I agree with the popcorn ceiling, cabinets and carpet but I think its a great reminder of have to make the best of everything that is where your at!
If there's anything I can answer for you feel free to hit me up!
Have an awesome weekend everyone! Thanks for all your thoughts! Trent

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6/17/11 10:34 AM