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Once you realize the benefits of vertical gardening, you see your garden spaces in an entirely different light! With more of us living in urban areas with limited space, all gardens can utilise at least one vertical garden structure to improve aesthetics and maximise design potential.

No matter what size your garden is, you can improve the productivity, beauty and functionality by maximising vertical space.

Some clever gardeners have managed to create beautiful, productive spaces by creatively using vertical garden structures like arbors, trellises, herb spirals and espalier but there are loads more options than just those.

15 Helpful Tips for Vertical Gardens has some inspiring photos and great ideas to get started!

A Space Saving Vertical Salad Garden
Go Green Gardeners

6/15/11 10:55 PM

Thanks for sharing the other garden blogs - always great to be inspired! I live in Australia and we're used to weather extremes of either too much water - flooding or too little - with water restrictions! Either way, most Aussies have become water-wise gardeners as we have realised we are not only helping preserve this precious resource but also saving ourselves money! I also love beautiful gardens so am always snapping pics to inspire new projects and ideas.

I recently shared Ten Water Saving Tips For Your Garden and Tips for Minimizing Plant Water Use too - hope these give you some more ways to nurture your plants and garden, as well as your wallet!

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6/15/11 10:32 PM