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DON'T get rid of the dandelions. They are important to bees, who are stressed enough these days.

How To Get Rid of Dandelion Weeds Apartment Therapy Tutorials
5/6/14 03:43 PM

One more thing - be very sure your coop is secure and safe. Chain link is not secure fencing, as critters can squeeze through the holes. Chicken wire should be used and a trench dug to make sure it goes under the coop (to stop critters from digging under). Your girls are defenseless if something gets in there.

Real Life Backyard Chicken Advice from Experienced Chicken Owners
4/12/12 05:16 PM

We have had 5 hens at a time (we're down to one now, and probably won't start a new flock until after she passes). They are incredibly easy to take care of. As long as they have food (good, organic food is best) and water, they're pretty much good to go. Some breeds lay more regularly and some don't. Most breeds have had their natural instinct to sit on a nest and hatch eggs bred out of them, but some still have it, and that's a good way to hatch new chicks. We had a little bantam cochin and she would go broody for months at a time, never leaving the nest, trying to hatch eggs. She'd try to hatch a rock if we put it under her. The coop never smells bad if you clean it regularly (which you want to do for health reasons), and neighbors love getting fresh eggs.

It is a very pleasant and calming experience having chickens, watching them peck around. Like any new endeavor, it is best to study up on the basics first.

Remember one thing though - eventually the girls will stop laying. What will you do with them then? We will never eat our birds, and they live out their lives in comfort in our back yard, but it's something to keep in mind.

Real Life Backyard Chicken Advice from Experienced Chicken Owners
4/12/12 05:13 PM

Love Love Love Marimekko. I still have an old Marimekko comforter from 1980. Just can't give it up!

Win This Marimekko Bedding Set from FinnStyle!
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12/5/11 03:26 PM

Beautiful home.

Ashley's "Muted Elements" Room
11/10/11 01:05 PM

That's a tough one. I'd get a smaller, thinner TV and put it anywhere but over the fireplace. Words cannot express how much I despise TV's mounted over fireplaces in small living rooms. Not to mention the fact that it is too high for comfortable viewing.

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10/25/11 03:07 PM

Oh, just saw that it's only one bedroom so I'll amend my price. It might be only half a million in Santa Barbara. It is very cute though. I'd paint everything white to brighten it up.

A Charming Tiny House in Chicago
10/20/11 02:48 PM

Ours is about 975 square feet so the Chicago house doesn't seem so tiny. But, the price seems really tiny to me (in Santa Barbara). You can't get a studio condo or mobile home for that price, let alone a real house. Think more along the lines of $900k before the market tanked and about $650k now...

A Charming Tiny House in Chicago
10/20/11 02:42 PM

I look at a lot of paint sample chips and LOT of blogs (like AT). That helps me decide what style and color family I'm going with. Most recently we had to repaint the entire house due to smoke damage from a fire. I knew I wanted white, but was unable to go in and paint and test colors because the house was closed up for so long, the walls were smoke-damaged, and the painting was scheduled to be done at a specific time. So, I obsessively read blogs and comments and found the perfect white paint to suit our 1940 cottage. BM White Dove. I love it. It works beautifully and differently in each room. I don't know what I'd have done without AT, etc.

How Do You Choose a Paint Color?
10/17/11 02:27 PM

We're in Santa Barbara and have no AC and hardly ever use the heater (only on those rare occasions when the temps really dip down). We are fresh air fanatics and keep windows open all year around (especially in bedroom at night; can't stand a hot room). I feel so fortunate to live in an environment where I can breathe fresh air all year round, rather than have to use AC or heat to make life bearable. Plus, I admit, we're cheap and don't like to pay the gas bills.

When Do You Decide to Turn on the Heat?
10/7/11 01:20 PM

Love gnomes. I have one named Gnorman.

Gnome Sweet Gnome: The Best of Gnome Decor
8/29/11 02:14 PM

I do all the cleaning on Saturday morning, but it seems to stretch into the afternoon and I feel like I'm losing one of my precious weekend days. We just moved back home after a renovation due to a fire and everything is perfect and clean. It is my goal to keep it clean on a more regular basis - do a little each evening so less remains on Saturday. So far, so good. It's easier to maintain the clean than to have to clean up when everything is already dirty.

Do You Follow a Weekday Cleaning Schedule?
7/14/11 01:54 PM

We have a Miele too. It's a canister type, which is best for wood floors. We have 3 dogs and it was a huge investment for us ($1,000), but it was more important for us to have this than to have a flat screen TV or other item that people seem to not be able to live without. As someone with allergies, a good vacuum is an absolute must.

Do You Have a Household Tool You Can't Live Without?
7/5/11 07:50 PM

In the early 1970's, Breuner's was a very nice, family-owned, chain furniture store in the San Francisco Bay Area. It wasn't a cheapo store, but perhaps that changed in later years. The Breuner family lived in the town where I grew up.

History Of Breuner's Furniture Company?
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6/14/11 06:22 PM