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Can I have the old vanity?

Before & After: Percy Freshens Up the Powder Room
7/26/11 09:47 PM

Greenway Plaza? We need Heights and Montrose guides in here stat! and no Nordeast or Uptown/Lyn-Lake/Whittier for MPLS? Sacrilege.

City Guides: 40 Local Shopper's Guides for Travelers
7/2/11 03:10 PM

Looks great. Next step:
Porch! Porch! Porch!

Before & After: Bungalow Seeks Cool Colors
7/2/11 03:08 PM

I approve. I think this would look particularly good on units with hidden controls.

Add Tin Tiles To Spruce Up The Dishwasher
Restyled Home

7/1/11 04:28 PM

Wait wait wait.
"invasive blackberry brambles"?!?!?!
Who would ever object to that?
One of my favorite things to do is pick wild blackberries.

Herds for Hire: Rent Goats to Manage Invasive Weeds
6/21/11 11:54 PM

I use ripe avocados. No tools neccesary.

What's the Best Way to Remove the Pit From an Avocado?
6/15/11 10:26 PM

I will always side with color. Always.

Survey: Multi-Colored Wooden Fences, Yay or Nay?
6/13/11 11:40 AM