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$1.60 indeed. That can translate easily into a few hundred dollars.

Why not communicate by email/pdf attachments? Pictures of the room, simple length x breadth x height measurements, etc. will suffice.

No wasting time (precious minutes) trying to describe details of everything; colour schemes, floor finishes, furniture pieces, décor themes etc.

Call A Designer.Com
6/12/11 08:57 PM

As an interior designer, i understand the value of hiring a professional for creating a dream interior layout and décor.

A client may desire a replica of an interior setting found in a showroom, on the page of a magazine or brochure, but a professional will help them put things into perspective as to how it'll work out better in their available space.

As you rightly mentioned, other details such as architectural features etc. may be what makes a picture look enchanting, and not necessarily the furniture/furnishings.

So once the character of the interior space is noted by a professional, they will easily create the mood and feel that is desired by the client, while ensuring they enhance the space with similar features and interior elements.

Tips For Recreating A Room From An Inspiration Photo
6/12/11 08:35 PM