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We have a pink tile bathroom accented with blue tiles. The landlord painted the walls and ceiling a very soothing lavender blue. We just added a clear shower curtain (it's a tiny bathroom and it makes it feel bigger) and a green fern print sarong as a curtain curtain (idea borrowed from the green photo above) and some orchids and all together it gets the job done.

How to Tone Down (or Play Up!) Pink Vintage Bathroom Tile
7/23/14 06:12 PM

These are all great. I'd also like to add that Martha Stewart, of all places, has given me some excellent tips on stretching the budget. For instance:

How to freeze stuff you buy in bulk (cooked rice, milk, etc)

And save your veggie scraps (ends of celery, carrot skins, garlic and onion skins, tops of mild peppers, etc.) in a freezer bag and when it's full throw them in a big pot with meat bones (ribs, chicken, etc) for home-made stock that you can freeze and then make into soup, risotto, etc.

And I'll just confirm that the crock pot is god's gift to the impoverished and overworked. But you really have to be careful about the recipes. Most of the cookbooks for crock pots are terrible.

How To Eat Well When You're Low on Cash Budget Living
5/6/14 02:43 PM

Anyone else notice that there isn't enough space in the "dinette" to pull the chairs out and sit down (or get up)?

It's pretty, but I question the functionality.

Kitchen Before & After: A Cramped Shoebox Kitchen Gets Gorgeously Gray Professional Kitchen Remodel
4/25/14 09:44 PM

If it's a "shelter" why is it a 'life or death" situation for that dog?

If the dogs are facing death row, it's not a shelter, right? Or has that just become a marketing word now?

(Not being snarky, I adopted my dog 10 years ago, when it seems like a shelter maybe meant something different).

Would You Have a Big(ish) Dog in a Small(ish) Apartment?
3/13/14 05:45 PM

My gut reaction is NO NO NO. NEVER.
But then I recall that some people have visual memories -- ie they remember things based on what they look like, rather than by author (my hubby), or genre (me).

If this is the best way for you to FIND YOUR BOOKS then by all means do it. For everyone else, I reserve the right to judge you.

Really, It's Ok to Arrange Books By Color Slate
2/14/14 12:41 PM

My liquor isn't for decoration. But that doesn't mean I'm going to stuff it all into an inconvenient cabinet to "hide" it from guests because someone thinks it's tacky.

It's like books: they go on a shelf, but they're not there for display.

If people want to look at either -- there they are.

Fun or Faux Pas? Liquor Bottles on Display
2/12/14 06:02 PM

1. "they" is a plural pronoun. You just made every writer, copy editor, English teacher, and general grammar fiend twitch uncontrollably.

2. general practice is to alternate "she" and "he" as a publication, so as not to stick to one all the time.

3. best practice: write around it.

meanwhile, if you're not an architect and you put the word architect in your ad, you could face some pretty serious legal trouble (either for practicing architecture without a state license or for false advertising -- or BOTH).

What's the Difference? Interior Designer vs. Interior Decorator
1/15/14 03:34 PM

The tip about fishing is grand if you have access to gear and a good chunk of change for the license. Fishing gear and state licenses cost money (In California, it's $47 a year, plus special additional fees that vary by location or specific species of fish/shellfish). Then you have the bus fare to get there and back. If you had that kind of cash laying around, would you need to go to the food pantry?

6 Tips for Eating on a Very Tight Budget
11/18/13 03:49 PM

can't believe I forgot Cuba cafe. Great local's joint just a few blocks from the strip on Trop.

A Design Lover's Guide to Las Vegas
7/26/13 01:45 PM

Lived there for five years. There's not a whole lot I miss about the city itself, except my friends. But here's the top ten I recommend for visitors:

1. the atomic testing museum is awesome but it isn't on the outskirts. It's smack dab in the middle of the greater LV metro area. (the Strip isn't in Vegas, either, so why not go with what a tourist can understand?) They have great air conditioning and a swell gift shop, too.

2. Lotus of Siam. Yum. (never had great experiences at Chin chin)

3. springs preserve for a shot of nature

4. Red Rock national monument and valley of fire. gorgeous.

5. Boulder City when you need a chill day to come down from the Vegas intensity.

6. Weiss deli in Henderson for brunch.

7. Cappriotti's slaw-be-joe sandwhich

8. Henderson concerts in the park

9. watching lightning storms roll in from the top of Eastern blvd.

10. Shrimp cocktails and prime rib Downtown under the light show.

A Design Lover's Guide to Las Vegas
7/26/13 01:44 PM

Back of the big box store is usually the return section. We got all our appliances there. Most of the ones we bought were returned because of extremely minor interior scratches that no one is going to notice. Also try Goodwill re- store. You'd be surprised what folks donate when they buy a tract home and want to upgrade.

How Do I Get Expensive Looking Kitchen Upgrades on a Budget? Good Questions
6/17/13 10:42 AM

A great start, but the commentors are making important points. You are probably going to have no space for most of this stuff. Things that are critical: a laundry basket you can roll/ carry to the laundry room/ into a buddy's car to take home at break; comfy, washable, bedding that's the right size (some of those form beds are x long twins); space maximizing storage solutions that you are certain will work/ fit in the space. Don't buy/bring anything you can potentially share with your roommate. and get an aeropress instead of the French press, its smaller and works better with the standard dorm microwave. My first year the dorm was overfull and my roomie and I had to squeeze into a single. So even if you've done the tour you won't really know what you're dealing with until you get there. You are about to be exposed to a whole ton of new stuff that may inspire you to decorate in new and exciting ways. Be sure to leave space for that. Ambiance is important but you'll be more effective at creating it if you consult your roommate first. Finally, do get the plant.

Feedback & Advice on Dorm Room Design? Good Questions
6/17/13 10:36 AM

work at night?

What If I Can't Work from Home Due To Neighbor's Construction? Good Questions
3/13/13 04:48 PM

Do not make your boyfriend work all day on a stool or on a kitchen chair. It might look better, but he's going to be miserable. Move the desk chair when company comes and continue to like each other.

Ideas for Fitting a Workspace into Kitchen/Dining Room? Good Questions
3/1/13 04:59 PM

Don't paint the trim! That's such a hard thing for a new buyer to undo if they decide they want it natural. And if they're buying an older house, they're probably looking for wood touches like these.

Honestly, I'd just scrub, de-clutter, and add some nice handles to the cabinet doors. (maybe put the microwave on top of the fridge, if it's a smaller fridge.)

How To Freshen Up This Kitchen in Preparation For Selling? Good Questions
12/13/12 07:51 PM

I also love my aeropress. I've taken it on overseas trips, I've taken it backpacking in Montana, I've taken it to work.
Best home brewed cup of Joe I've had.

10 Gifts for Coffee Lovers Holiday Gift Guide from The Kitchn
12/7/12 08:19 PM

"Oddly enough, if someone wants to find out my address all they have to do is look in the phone book or one of the online equivalents."


Anyone who wants to stalk you already has full legal access to your address, phone number, property tax records, deeds, birth certificate, marriage certificate, criminal record, workplace and, for some people, your annual salary.

How to Prevent People from "Checking In" at Your Home
1/27/12 09:36 AM

you can avoid the extension chord or expensive electrician bill by using solar powered xmas lights like these:

How To: Create Glowing Outdoor Orbs in an Instant
The Art of Doing Stuff

6/12/11 11:37 AM