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Well-- looks from you pic you have a nice little garden to view through those beautiful windows-- I have a 23 by 16 living room in an old farmhouse with original windows one very large with stained glass so I certainly can relate to your post! I suggest having a small love seat size couch (not anything "poofy" or large) because they seem to 'suck' up the most room placed across from/facing the window. ie think of watching the fire and snow fall at the same time! Plus if you like you can place several bird feeders and water fountain/bird bath outside that window and one of those great microphones to hear them in them sing all year long! !! Then I'd place the piano in your "wall of honor" the solid wall across from the fireplace with special photos/mementos on it. The fill in the gaps with small cozy chairs, footstools, side tables and living plants..

Furniture Arrangement in Very Long Living Room? Good Questions
8/15/12 12:35 PM

These are great especially the DYI/ low budget! My only friendly critique is to include the rooms dimensions to provide a clearer picture of the actual room size and of course any problem areas...

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8/1/12 12:54 PM

I love the idea of turning 'trash to treasure' as seen in these pics particularly of the older items. BUT- before painting an older item we should always check the items value before painting ect. Case in point- an artist friend of mine offered to strip and paint one of my dressers as a birthday present. I'm so glad she asked me before doing anything- this small dresser has the original finish ect and estimated at $3500! Another friend of mine found a 1920s Hoosier cabinet- stripped, gutted the inserts and refinished it to match her 3 kitchen makeover in 5 years--only for her husband to make her husband and mother cry because the cabinet had been all original and insured for almost $10, and redo but with caution!!!

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6/17/11 02:42 PM