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Very lovely. And is that an Ernestine of Salerno platter in your kitchen?

Where is the white 'broderie anglaise' shower curtain from?

Hilary's Hilltop Home House Tour
5/28/14 04:46 PM

Hi there - they are from Jamie Oliver's homewares range. Think they may come in a slightly different colour range now - blue/ slate/ red/ white, but other colours are on eBay.

7 Secrets to Getting Anything Done Around the House
5/25/14 12:56 PM

Love this too - really warm & relaxing looking, yet still uncluttered. But PLEASE tell me that your rug on the patio is not a vintage one-off & that I can get one for myself?! From where? I would offer you my first-born child in exchange - if I had one ...

Evan's Modern & Cozy Manhattan Studio House Tour
1/24/14 10:04 AM

Errr - of course it's lived in. it doen't sit idle - it just gets leased out for photoshoots.

A Colorful Modern Mix in London Light Locations
3/26/13 07:34 PM

Carole - this is just gorgeous! Well done - it's beautiful & relaxing but with funky touches that stop it from being too girly. Is the bedding Anthropologie?

Carole's "A Hint of Romance" Room Room for Color Contest
10/25/12 03:15 PM

'The bomb' ....?! Sorry, but I feel a serious case of the emperor's new clothes coming on - this is one of the ugliest things I've seen on AT for a long time - & that's saying something ...!

Before & After: From Stump To Seriously Awesome Side Table 17 Apart
10/17/12 07:01 PM

This is super-quick & delicious. For 2 people, put 8oz spaghetti on to boil. While it's cooking, put several tbsps EV olive oil into a small saucepan with a finely sliced clove of garlic, half a red chilli, minced, the zest of half a lemon & s&p. Warm this gently but don't allow to boil. Drain the cooked pasta & stir in the aromatic oil with some torn basil & grated parmesan. Ok, so the parmesan makes it 7 ingredients ... but it only takes 12 minutes to make!

14 Simple, Delicious Recipes with Just 6 Ingredients (Plus Salt)Recipe Roundup
5/16/12 07:14 AM

The Rhubarb & Custard Cake on is ridiculously simple & SO delicious. It's a straightforward cake batter, topped with chopped rhubarb, sugar & cream (which cook together to form the 'custard').

Do You Have Recipes for Rhubarb That Don't Include Strawberries?Ingredient Questions
5/9/12 01:28 PM

Bermia - what is a girasole? I only know its Italian meaning as sunflower (& the explanation of the common name of Jerusalem artichokes - them being part of the sunflower family - arising from girasole & Jerusalem sounding alike). Living in Edinburgh, I do know what a spurtle is - but have never needed to use one! Do you just use it for stirring your risotto, & is it any better than a wooden spoon with a pointed corner?

How to Make Great Risotto at Home
3/24/12 07:30 PM

This Moroccan Chickpea & Saffron Soup is an old favourite - It's subtly spiced, but easy to tweak if you want more of a kick.

One-Pot Meatless Meals: 10 Hearty Vegetarian Soups
10/28/11 07:00 AM

I had started to write a response about using silks & velvets in purples/ pinks/ oranges for cushions & bolsters, & adding an item of old painted/ dark wood furniture as a contrast against the white - but then I remembered this tour from Re-nest, which says everything I would suggest & more, in pictures ...

They have mixed & layered strong colours & interesting textures with a fabulous collection of old & new pieces - including lots of gorgeous antique rugs - against a clean white backdrop (& white sofas), to create one of my very favourite tours on this site.

PS - I LOVE the rug too, & am extremely envious! Where did you buy it from?

Eclectic, Fun Room with This Rug?
Good Questions

9/23/11 08:03 AM