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That's where I seat my least favorite guests! ;)

Nellene's Made Memories Small Cool Contest
6/10/14 06:29 PM

The couch comes from West Elm. It's called the Henry. I prefer the larger furniture with less floor room myself. At 5'10" it's the better choice for me. In a small space you have to decide what's more important for you individually. There has to be a balance of personal comfort and style. There will always be a give and take.

Nellene's Made Memories Small Cool Contest
6/10/14 06:10 PM

Yes, my husband and son made the pallet wall including the chevron gate door. I wish I could have submitted more photos to show the whole out outside! They did a great job!

Nellene's Made Memories Small Cool Contest
6/10/14 06:01 PM

You can take a photo of the grocery list with your iphone and take it with you. It would be quick and easy. Having the chalkboard lets any family member write on it when they've used the last of something...

Coordinating Chalkboard Paint Eliminates Clutter
Martha Stewart

9/15/11 06:06 PM

Thanks for featuring my bbq herb garden! What I love about this post so much is they all compliment one another. I could see one person liking all 9 things. (yes, that would be me) Great job showcasing the ideas...

9 Handmade DIY Projects For Under $50
9/14/11 11:52 PM

The plate above your kitchen sink is awesome. It's not just decorate but seems like it would be very therapeutic. It would start my day off with a smile and giggle for sure! Love your pad...

Monica's Handmade Modern Hollywood Home
House Tour

6/11/11 02:12 AM

LOVE the bedroom! It's a perfect balance between feminine and masculine. I normally don't like green in the bedroom but you've changed my mind...

Anthony & Steven's Modern Organic Condo
House Tour

6/11/11 02:02 AM

Huge improvement for sure! My 2 cents is I would have a different dinette set in there. Since it's white that might be adding to the too much white comments I keep reading. I love the yellow cabinet!

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6/11/11 01:54 AM